How to Play a Taurus Man at His Own Game


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how to play a taurus man at his own game

Taurus men don’t like the idea of being side chicks. They’d rather commit to a relationship than feel like they’re just options. Here are some ways to play the Taurus man at his own game. Read on to learn how to make him feel more comfortable in your company. And don’t forget about Taurus’s other traits, too! Read on to learn how to be more attractive to a Taurus man!


Getting a Taurus man to stop treating you like a side chick

If you’re wondering how to stop being a side chick, you need to focus on your appearance. Taurus men love to be the center of attention, so you must make him work for his attention. Boost his confidence by wearing your favorite color or outfit, or wear your favorite perfume. By doing so, you will stimulate his senses and spark his interest in you.

Remember that Taurus men hate criticism. Instead, try open and honest communication. If you’ve been avoiding him for a while, you may want to try the “no contact” rule. This rule requires patience and perseverance on your part. When you’re avoiding contact, be sure not to use social media and avoid stalking him. This way, he won’t get the impression that you’re a shady side chick and will be swayed by the attention.

A Taurus man’s lack of emotional connection makes it difficult for him to hide his feelings, so be prepared to take a backseat to your own emotional needs. Taurus men want to feel secure and protected with their partners, so be patient. If you’re able to show your man that you care for him, he will stop treating you like a side chick and start to express his true feelings. You can also try teasing your Taurus man by dropping your name into everyday conversation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Taurus men are practical and love to show their worth. By showing you that you value him and your relationship, he’ll appreciate you for it. If you make it clear that you value your Taurus man and your love life, he will treat you like a goddess. If you don’t show him that you’re worth the extra effort, he won’t be able to keep up with his feelings for you.

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Be a Taurus man’s best friend. Taurus men are very strong and dependable, and they respond to subtle gestures, including body language. While you might not be able to control his mood, he’ll be moved by your languid movements. Moreover, Taurus men are particularly sensitive, so fresh baked goods are a heavenly treat.

Giving a Taurus man space

One of the best ways to attract a Taurus man is to give him plenty of space. He’ll appreciate the opportunity to pursue his own interests without you hovering around. Taurus men are introverted and prefer to stick to a few close friends. If you want to attract one, avoid making plans for every night out. Taurus men also enjoy routines and predictability. Instead, ask him to spend some time alone in his room to unwind.

Another way to entice a Taurus man is to understand his stubborn side. Taurus men are not the easiest to win over. However, if you can understand their rational nature and understand their need for space, you can start making progress. If your Taurus man is adamant about wanting to spend time with you, explain why he needs space. While he might want to spend time with you, ignoring him is not good for him.

While taurus men are very competitive, they also have a level-headed approach to most situations. If you take time to understand and respect his stance, you’ll be rewarded with a patient partner who’ll be there to listen and support you. Giving a Taurus man space to play his own game will make your relationship a lot more fulfilling in the long run. And remember that he’s just a Taurus – he’ll eventually get bored and move on. If you can keep your cool, you’ll be able to use his weakness to your advantage.

When you’re dating a Taurus man, remember that his body is an instrument. Give him space to use it. He’ll be much more likely to fall in love with you if you’re willing to show him that you value his body and his time. When you offer him space to play his own game, he’ll return the favor by giving you the time and effort he needs to keep his home in order.

Be sure to give your Taurus man space to be around you as much as possible. He’ll be more likely to spend more time with you if you allow him to relax in his own company. He’ll also appreciate you taking time to get to know you as a real person before falling in love with you. Give him space to get to know you better! And he’ll be more likely to be faithful to you if you don’t force him to do so.

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Getting a Taurus man to be more open

If you want to make your Taurus man feel more comfortable and open, you’ll need to understand what drives his behavior. Taurus men are driven, unrelenting, and focused. They are constantly testing themselves, and your efforts need to align with theirs. It will take some effort on your part to make him feel comfortable with your presence and support. But the results will be well worth the effort.

A Taurus man is driven by the desire for security, so make sure you focus on his comfort. Even if you’re dating someone who is completely insecure, he’ll be put at ease by a woman who cares about his well-being. If your focus is only on your emotions, he may be too busy worrying about his security. Regardless of how attractive you are to him, you need to show that you care about him and your relationship.

Trust is a must. Taurus men value honesty, and they’ll shut down at the first sign of deception. Keep in mind that the best way to get a Taurus man to be more open is to be honest with him and respect his needs. It’s important not to blow up too soon, or he’ll suddenly become unavailable, or ignore your messages for a period of time.

Trust him. Taurus men don’t like being the center of attention, so be patient and show your commitment. Taurus men don’t like to feel like they’re only options. They want to be committed to someone, and if you show your interest in him, he’ll feel the same way. By showing him that you trust him, he’ll feel more secure.

Make sure to give him lots of compliments. Taurus men love compliments, and if you’re a woman who gives your Taurus man a lot of praise, he’ll reciprocate in kind. This way, you’ll be more likely to impress him with your love and attention. A Taurus man will also be pleasantly surprised when a woman gives him a complement.

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Challenge your Taurus man to play his own game

A great way to impress your Taurus man is to show him that you have financial independence. Most Taurus men are independent and work hard to earn money. If you want him to feel more involved in your life, try investing in hobbies or other interests. When you show that you have a financial independence, he will be more interested in you. He may also be more attracted to you if you show him that you value his own time.

You should know that a Taurus man is very stubborn and determined. He will try multiple times before success. He may seem calm and slow, but his temper can be very fiery. Don’t be fooled by his apparent gentle nature. He will eventually succeed in testing your love and loyalty. He will want you to be there for him, but it can be a little challenging to get his attention.

Don’t give in easily to Taurus men’s stubbornness. They can be unreasonable and play games to find out if they can trust someone else. If you’re persistent, though, you might end up getting back on track when he comes to his own game. The Taurus man doesn’t take kindly to being ignored, and he’ll likely come back to you eventually.

If you’d like to get your Taurus man to play more of a competitive game, then you need to be prepared to take on the role of the boss. He likes to dominate, and it will make him feel manly. So, instead of giving him the upper hand, initiate sex and assert your authority in the bedroom. Remember that he’ll hate it if you’re doing this in public.

You can try to push him away from his usual habits, like making dinner. Trying to push him to cook or clean may make him jealous, and he’ll start thinking about his own needs instead of yours. Try to make him aware that you’re happy without imposing your opinions. This will keep his mind on you. If he thinks he’s being pushed around, he’ll be frustrated.