MC Conjunct Lilith and Cazimi


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sun conjunct lilith

In this article, I’ll discuss MC conjunct Lilith and Cazimi. I’ll also briefly touch on the synastry aspects of Lilith and Sun conjunct. Lilith is a supportive planet for a variety of transformational processes and encourages a positive attitude. Lilith is the perfect natal sign for anyone who seeks to speak out in support of a community cause.



When the Sun and Lilith form a synastry aspect, their relationship will be reflected in the horoscope. Together, these two planets will represent the light and darkness of life. The Sun and Lilith will both enhance and highlight the other’s positive traits, and they will help you understand the challenges Lilith faces. However, this aspect can also bring unwanted or unsettled feelings into your relationships.

The Lilith conjunct the ascendant aspect can be difficult to navigate, especially if the relationship is just beginning. The moony effect of this aspect does not necessarily mean that the relationship will fail, but it does indicate that the two people are seeking to heal themselves on the inside. For couples in synastry, a Lilith conjunct the ascendant shows that the descendant partner may want to explore the darker side of their partner.

Lilith in synastry can be all-consuming and overwhelming. Because it can be so powerful, Lilith in synastry will overshadow other energies, including the sun, moon, and Mars. If your Sun and Lilith are in the same house, be wary of any relationships that involve the two planets. If Lilith is conjunct Mars, be careful when instigating a synastry, and make sure to seek professional help if you find yourself in this situation.

The Sun conjunct Lilith can symbolize the ego feeling exiled from the ruling elitist system. This can also be a sign of abuse from male authority figures. Both males and females may feel eclipsed by their partners. Synastry of sun conjunct lilith


Transit of the Sun conjunct Lilith can be very positive if the planets are in the same sign. This planetary configuration is also referred to as the Cazimi configuration. People born with Lilith in their chart are supposed to be intellectually gifted. The effect of this transit may be different if the planets are in the opposite sign or at the lunar apogee. Lilith represents sexuality and can bring out strong magic. It can also bring out a person’s moral code and help them develop strong sexuality.

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The Sun is a great sex planet, and Lilith represents the dark side of the individual. When the Sun conjuncts Lilith, your inner power becomes very clear. This transit can reveal karmic challenges that you may be struggling with. You may feel restless and dissatisfied with your life. You may even become irritable and feel like giving up. However, you must remember that this transit is positive and will bring you into better relationships.

When the Sun is conjunct Lilith, a new cycle begins in your life. This cycle begins a new phase of change, independence, and progressiveness. This transit is favorable for new contacts with males and authority figures. It can be a great time for creative endeavors and experimentation. Taking risks and exploring new possibilities can bring you great rewards. Your need to grow and develop is likely to make you restless.

If your Lilith is under the influence of Jupiter, you are likely to feel more independent and charismatic. This transit may encourage you to explore your sexuality and embrace your individuality. Your romantic interests will be heightened under this transit, and your sense of independence may become stronger than before. Your sexual appetite is also heightened. If your Lilith is triggered by this transit, try to find ways to honor her independence.


Cazimi is an astrological condition in which a planet, or the Moon, is within 17 minutes of arc or one degree of the Sun. When this occurs, the planetary energy is extremely powerful. A Cazimi planet is very powerful, yet relatively weak in classical astrology. For example, an exalted planet is highly favored by a Cazimi sign. This is especially true for a Cazimi Moon, which occurs half an hour before and half an hour after the Sun.

The Venus-Pluto conjunction is a potent one, with significant implications for the Sun and Moon. Lilith can also be considered a ‘devil’ planet, since she is hidden. A Lilith conjunction can be extremely beneficial if a person is in a rut, but a Cazimi moon can be difficult to navigate. Lilith is a highly afflicted planet, so be cautious about interpreting the placement of this conjunction.

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The ‘Cazimi’ configuration is extremely rare and has a variety of effects, depending on how far it’s affixed in the lunar chart. In apogeo lunar positions, Lilith is associated with intense sexual themes. It is often associated with the world of the spirits, and the ability to control one’s own sexuality and moral code. This makes the Cazimi conjunct Lilith a powerful lunar eclipse, but can also have negative effects.

While these combinations are not common, the effect on the Sun is highly beneficial. Venus is in the heart of the sun, and the closeness of the two planets intensifies the positive aspects of both. It is also the best time for Venus to make a comeback, as the Sun will be within forty minutes of it on March 24-25. In a natal chart, Oprah Winfrey has a cazimi Venus, which has helped her become a huge star and heightened her acting skills.

MC conjunct lilith

In love, a MC conjunct Lilith aspect can indicate a troubled relationship with a mother or a difficult relationship with a partner. This aspect is often dark, as both Moon and Saturn are associated with order and structure. A Lilith conjunct Saturn relationship is not a good combination, because the Moon person may feel intimidated or uncomfortable with the Lilith individual. This can lead to emotional conflict, as the person might feel unappreciated or not receive enough love.

A Lilith conjunct Mercury synastry aspect may lead to dirty talk or a catch 22 in a sexual relationship. The person on the other side of the MC may feel uncomfortable in their relationship, and might want to run away. In addition, the relationship may be characterized by constant mind games and difficulty communicating. While Lilith is a beautiful and sensual planet, it can also make a person very possessive.

Women with a MC conjunct Lilith have a more intense feminine side. This is because the Moon is the conscious part of our horoscope. A MC conjunct Lilith will intensify the conscious mind. It will make you more focused, thoughtful, and more concerned with your career and achieving the goals you set in life. A MC conjunct Lilith will also cause you to seek a higher-level education, or to pursue a career. A MC conjunct Lilith can also affect your sexual life, but only if it is in harmony with other planets.

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People with Lilith conjunct Mars in synastry are often healers. They tend to help others heal, and their own problems. They tend to be confident, but they need genuine affection in order to feel loved. Oftentimes, Lilith conjunct Mars can lead to explosive fights and power struggles. A MC conjunct Lilith on the ascendant is a relationship in which a partner feels rejected and a need to compete for love.


A relationship between the Sun and Lilith can be an excellent one for the forward-thinking man. These two planets have complementary energy that can bring harmony to a relationship. They will both learn to balance the light and dark aspects of life. Their opposite sign placements may bring about issues or conflicts, but both of these are positives. Lilith is a fire element, and the Sun can bring light to those aspects.

When sun and lilith are incompatible, you may find yourself with a relationship that is full of back and forth energy. In addition, the lilith may try to control the light of the sun and create complications. Ultimately, the sun may become addicted to the lilith’s shadow energy and neglect his or her responsibilities. Relationships between sun and lilith may not last long.

A Lilith-Sun relationship can be challenging because the Lilith person may not be aware of their true nature. A Sun-Lilith relationship can help each partner realize their inherent worth and make them feel free to express it. If this type of relationship is not working, you may be the source of emotional distress for both parties. It can also bring about past-life recognition. This type of relationship can also be very satisfying.

Whether a relationship will be successful or fail will depend on the aspects of both signs. Lilith is the dark side of the soul, and can bring about difficult situations. Lilith and earth Venus can bring about a tense relationship, or cause intense frustration in the other. However, Lilith-Sun relationships are often highly fulfilling. A relationship between Lilith and Venus is a sign of a strong female energy.