The Transit of Saturn Conjunct Neptune


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saturn conjunct neptune

The transit of Saturn in conjunction with Neptune is all over the place between November 2014 and November 2015. This makes for a great time to consider your future plans. This combination will also trigger a rebirth and rejuvenation. So how will this aspect affect your life? Here are some ideas. Firstly, you need to know if you are under the influence of Saturn in your birth chart or not.


Positive traits

A person born under the influence of Saturn conjuncts Neptune will have high ideals but often find that life does not turn out to be the way they had hoped. People with this aspect are very sensitive to corruption and insincerity, which makes them very skeptical of other people’s intentions. They are also very skeptical of celebrities and fakes. However, these traits can be a positive side effect of having Neptune in your Natal Chart.

When Saturn is in its opposition to Neptune, it can lead to confusion in relationships and personal life. This aspect is not recommended for lovers or those who have recently gotten involved in an emotional or physical relationship. It may also make you feel fearful or self-doubting. Saturn and Neptune can be compatible, but they do need other harmonious aspects to work well. While they are opposite in astrology, their compatibility is strong enough to allow them to interact in harmonious ways.

This transit is known for increasing insecurity, low self-esteem and fear. People born under this transit may face difficulty achieving their goals, and may feel like they are never going to achieve them. However, if a person is secure with their limitations, this transit may bring them a very fulfilling life. They may also manifest their dreams. They may also achieve spiritual contentment. These transits take place about once every 29-30 years.

When Saturn conjuncts Neptune, the resulting energy can be positive or negative depending on the individual’s natal chart. When Neptune rules the arts, this conjunction can bring about new forms of art or culture. For example, the rise of rock and roll music, the expansion of television, and the emergence of mass culture were facilitated by this energy. People born under this synod have great artistic talents.

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As one of the planetary rulers, Neptune is associated with the power of forgiveness and union with all of life. Those born under this conjunction will find that their dreams are able to reach a higher plane of consciousness. The power of forgiveness and sacrifice will also allow them to transcend their personal ego. This combination can also encourage people to sacrifice, and if the situation calls for it, the desire to help the whole will be rewarded.

People born under this conjunction can be prone to loneliness and fear of failure. However, when this planet is in the eleventh house, a native will find that they have a deeper understanding of their friends and colleagues. They will also feel closer to those whom they admire and have a strong bond with. They may also experience a desire to meet and mingle with people with whom they can share their innermost thoughts and feelings.


When Saturn conjuncts Neptune, your sense of reality is tempered with spirituality. But while this transit can seem frustrating, it can also be an opportunity to develop your sense of self and your relationship with others. You might find yourself sacrificing some of your own dreams to meet the needs of someone you love. So, be careful when you make major decisions during this transit. Read on to discover how you can make this transit work for you.

The hardest aspects between the two planets are the ones that bring you feelings of loneliness and loss. These aspects are most destructive when they create a hard angle between the two. Saturn represents the rational, time-bound world and Neptune stands for the mystical realm. Both planets are essential to our well-being, but too much of one of them can be detrimental to our well-being. When Saturn conjuncts Neptune, there is a risk of a mental breakdown or an emotional crisis.

When Saturn conjuncts Neptune in a natal chart, it can feel like being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. It can be tempting to turn to spiritual practices as a way out of the harsh world, but these can become illusory. If this happens, you may become confused and lose hope in everything. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Saturn conjuncts Neptune in your chart can be a good omen if you want to avoid the worst effects of this transit.

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Saturn conjuncts Neptune in the natal chart is a time of deep psychic activity. It is a time when you may develop artistic talents or paranormal abilities, but also experiences ranging from fears and paranoia to anxiety. This transit will often leave you feeling as if you have no control over your life. You may also find yourself wanting to sacrifice yourself for idealistic causes.

If you have Saturn conjunct Neptune in your Natal Chart, you might be skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true. Be skeptical of everything that is not supported by hard evidence. Saturn can expose fraudsters, corruption, and superficiality in life. It is also possible for you to lead a more humble life because Saturn is squaring Neptune in your chart.

People with Saturn conjunct Neptune in their chart are prone to fraud and deception. This combination makes them the perfect targets for swindlers and scam artists. If you have Saturn conjunct Neptune in your chart, you’ll need to be honest and respect yourself to achieve success in life. You can do it, but it will take hard work and a strong sense of self to reach your potential.

Transiting Neptune

The effect of a transiting Saturn conjunct to Neptune can be difficult to handle, as it can lead to insecurities, confusion, guilt and depression. Insecurities can be resolved through discipline and responsibility. While dreams can come true, the planet can also cause immune problems. As a result, it is important to understand the transiting Saturn to Neptune to avoid the worst effects.

Those who are sensitive to criticism may want to avoid a transit that places Saturn in opposition to Neptune. The aspect of the two planets can linger for several years, and the result will be a profound transformation. During this time, Neptune is most compatible with Taurus’s extroverted nature, while Saturn is more practical. If a person is under the influence of a transiting Neptune, they will feel more sensitive to criticism and will be more compassionate with others.

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Having the hard angle between these two planets can lead to feelings of disillusionment and disappointment. However, when this hard aspect is properly balanced, the energy of both planets can be a stepping stone to a stronger faith in life. Saturn can help us to unravel illusions and awaken to the truth. That said, it is important to understand how these two planets interact to make the most out of a transiting Neptune.

When Saturn conjuncts transiting NPTune, it is vital to remember that the planet Neptune rules our natal Saturn. The transiting Neptune can force us to let go of old concepts and structures that were once stable. As such, we may feel disoriented, confused, or even frightened for no apparent reason. We may experience health issues as a result of this transit. It is also important to avoid undergoing a large-scale decision during this transit.

The impact of transiting Neptune on the Moon is also highly significant, as it can affect our feelings and public image. In some cases, this aspect can also have a profound effect on the native’s relationships with his or her mother, important women in his or her life, and the home. While these aspects can make us feel naive and sensitive, the transiting Neptune can also make us more dedicated and compassionate.

While transiting Neptune is a good time for your career, it can make life difficult for other areas. Neptune conjuncts natal Saturn can cause you to become a victim of deception or confusion, and may interfere with your personal life. You may be burdened by responsibilities that aren’t entirely yours, and you may have to give up everything that is practical to survive this transit.

A Saturn conjunct to Neptune will affect your relationships, work, and finances. While this aspect can be difficult, remember that it will not last for ever. It will happen every 36.4 years, so you must plan accordingly. If you’re born between 1952 and 1953, you are affected. If you were born between 1989 and 1990, this transit will happen again in 2026. And if you’re a celebrity, then it will have a profound effect on you.