How to Stop Playing the Ignoring Game


How to Stop Playing the Ignoring Game
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How to Stop Playing the Ignoring Game

ignoring game

The ignoring game is a competition between two people who try to avoid the comforting instincts of the other. This mind game is much more emotionally demanding than the blinking game.

If you and your partner have not discussed the rules of the game, you may feel tempted to give the other person a taste of their own medicine.

Ultimately the goal is to always enjoy your dating process even if it doesn’t end up in something long term.

In general, human beings like being heard and listened to, and this provides a base for personal evidence to be used for other purposes.

Things To Do When A Guy Ignores You After An Argument

Putting aside a guy who ignores you

Putting aside a guy who ignores your messages is not the same as ignoring him. It means that you have not entered a relationship yet. Even if you’re in love, you’re still in the playing field. Moreover, the relationship is at arm’s length. It’s better to move on and focus on other things.

Usually, guys act indifferent towards women. You can use the ‘putting aside’ technique to discover what he really thinks about you. This way, he will become interested in you again. But be careful to avoid making it appear that you are ignoring him – this could make him even more uncomfortable and frustrated.

First, try to understand the person’s reasons for ignoring you. Perhaps they are busy or just not in the mood to communicate with you. If this is the case, don’t let this affect your self-esteem. Instead, try to do something for yourself instead. You can try ignoring him until he replies, or just walk away. If he still ignores you after some time, you may be able to make up for it by making a better impression of yourself.

If the reasons for giving you the cold shoulder are not obvious, you can always apologize for being rude. Men and women tend to want different types of reconciliation. Women typically want an apology while men prefer an act of kindness or sexual favors. The cold shoulder may be a sign of an emotionally immature man or one who feels he’s out of control.

You should also be patient and try to understand him.

This may be difficult because you can never be sure what a guy is thinking.

However, try to remain calm, mature, and smart when addressing the situation. In addition, you can talk to him face to face in order to get him to understand what’s wrong.

When a guy ignores you, you might tell yourself you like him even more, so you don’t want to wait as long as he did to answer.

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Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great way to take back control of your life. They can help you deal with a wide range of situations.

Men, women, children, and even toddlers can all benefit from saying positive things to themselves.

Positive affirmations encourage self-worth and are similar to love languages, indicating that the speaker feels needed, important, and recognized.

Saying positive things to yourself can help you cope with ignoring behaviors. For example, you can tell yourself that you are important to the team and that it is important to make the other members feel valuable and important.

You can also say these phrases while driving or riding public transportation. This will help you feel more confident.

Whether you’re game playing the ignoring game or trying to get rid of negative thoughts, positive affirmations can be a great way to get past these negative thoughts. Affirmations trigger our brain’s reward centers, which light up when other positive things happen. This helps us cope with negative experiences.

To make your affirmations more effective, personalize them. Make sure they’re true and show affection for the other person. For example, if you’re ignoring a team member, you can say to them that you appreciate their contribution and your team. That way, they’ll feel special and motivated to do their best.

Signs of narcissism

Playing the ignoring game is one of the most common narcissistic behaviors. It’s a way for a narcissist to punish or control you. The narcissist needs attention, and ignoring someone makes them feel as if they’re not being noticed at all.

If you’re not sure whether your partner is playing the ignoring game, there are many warning signs you should be aware of. First, it’s crucial to be aware of the narcissist’s personality disorder.

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A person with this disorder is likely to be impulsive and will respond inappropriately to criticism. In addition to avoiding direct criticism, you should also avoid revealing personal information to a narcissist. If the situation becomes threatening, call 911 or the local emergency number.

Another common sign of a narcissist is their tendency to pick on their victims’ weak spots. Even if they’re talented, narcissists will find these weak spots and use them to their advantage. Moreover, they’ll take pride in exploiting your weaknesses against you.

Another common sign of narcissism is blaming you for your poor behavior. If you see a narcissist doing this, it’s a sign that he’s not ready to change. He or she will make gestures only for their own benefit and won’t change. Fortunately, there are some counseling programs that can help you understand the behavior of a narcissist and develop a protection plan.

The narcissist doesn’t like to be called out on their bad behavior and will throw fits if confronted. This means that the victim feels intimidated and avoids raising any issues with the narcissist.

The narcissist also likes to play the victim’s role. This means that he or she makes you feel bad about yourself or even stupid for thinking about something that is wrong. When confronted, the narcissist will get defensive and deny whatever you’ve said.

Narcissists also enjoy seeing others get upset and change their behavior. They’re often good at playing mind games but terrible losers. If they lose, they’ll lash out or stomp away in a fit of rage. The narcissist’s goal is to win the attention of others and keep them from feeling responsible for their actions.


Why does ignoring a guy work so well?

How do you ignore a guy, either because he’s ignoring you or because he needs a shove in the right direction? Well, it takes quite a bit of self-control, but trust us, it can be done. All you have to do is believe you deserve a guy that doesn’t mess you around and take these steps.

I love to learn to ignore people. If you don’t understand what does work you will never use it! You know, the guys have a tendency to be unpredictable.

When one chases him, he will run. How can I help someone who needs help? They’ll get taken back.

When you’re no more challenging you can never be attractive.

Usually guys enjoy hunting for a reason that comes naturally. When one does not hunt then they are not at all interesting.

If one ignores his actions, he’ll drive himself crazy. There is another great reason that it is good to ignore someone else’s opinions on things like that.

This isn’t technically ignoring him, but it can end the vicious cycle of not getting what you want until the end of time.

Ignore him to keep the peace

Some days you have to ignore a person’s presence. There are a lot of guys out there who enjoy pushing the buttons of their girlfriends, particularly in the search of some drama.

Is it possible that someone is doing something that makes you jump off the couch? There will be no problem in the situation.

Just as the little ones, a person’s behavior becomes progressively worse as it is not recognized. If you learn that someone who’s been ignored by you has stopped doing what drives you mad, he might stop acting. Maybe even a little more peace can be had between your relationships.

Well, one reason might be that we want to tell ourselves we aren’t playing games. When a guy ignores you, you might tell yourself you like him even more, so you don’t want to wait as long as he did to answer.

It makes him think you are something special *because you are!*

Most women who are looking for love don’t get much attention, but it doesn’t matter. The girls flirt and hold the words of the man’s words. If one guy loves to fall and catch their attention and fall all over himself, he has to be different than the other girls. He is irritated by being ignored. The girls he cannot get away from are so scared they don’t care about him and the girl he’s with isn’t interested in him. He thinks you are the only ones who possess something special. It means he needs you.

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Maybe he’s been giving you the silent treatment, disregarding you, or hasn’t been spending time with you at all.

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It teaches him not to mess with you

Show him what it felt like if you were surrounded by men who did not pay attention and did not give you affection enough. How can he tame his partner who seems to be able to ignore his relationship? It’ll make him question your feelings if you leave him alone. It shows if he isn’t treating him properly you are not going out for a walk or a goodbye. For him to be in his possession, to believe that he was disposable.

Ignore him if he craves power

The man loves being strong as well as being successful. You’re untouchable but a little more than the enemy wants. When one ignores a person the other feels powerless. When we have a desire to take control, we literally get so upset. If you are worried he’s leaving, think again. Ignoring his presence will help his efforts get stronger.

Never forget this type of man may NEVER be turned or made to stop ignoring you or made to suddenly become someone different.

It makes him crave your attention

Tell me the truth. Those men love attention. If you pretend you’re not interested in him that will make his work overtime. When his attention is lost, he becomes obsessiously obedient. Ignorant, someone is just as important. It is more important to give him his attention. Ignore the interest – if you want to win a person.

You bring out the “hunter” in him

Those guys have a hunter in their heart. There was nothing a man would like to do but chase something he had no idea was possible. Ignoring him makes it more important for him to have you. It’s true. It’s just dumb. He often wants something he doesn’t want. What are good reasons to pursue men?

What do you do when you know he’s playing an “ignore” game with you?

Perhaps he did so because he thought by disregarding your request you would run at you. He probably believes in myths that women are just trying to get what they don’ t have and then he ignores you and wants to get you back in his life. It’s easy! I will take his return! Don’t give up because you just play games into his desires. That would require a change of direction in which a person can give up his power. Are there any other men whom you would like to date? What’s your ideal guy for marriage?

There’s no simple answer for this because it falls on both of you to learn how to communicate with each other and to both be ready and accept that your relationship, if it’s going to be saved, needs some real work.

Why is it so hard to ignore a guy that ignores you?

Sometime, a guy starts taking advantage of you and ignores you. Double ignore means double problem? What is the reason? Why are we doing it so? It could just be that we’ve told ourselves that our game is no game. If the guy does not listen, you could be telling your friend that you like him more. In reality, it makes no sense to wait because you want attention! Not necessarily, but the gameplay of a man can affect women. You know you deserve better but you could easily be caught.

Where most girls go wrong when ignoring a guy

Why to ignore an idiot is two things. One of your disliked friends is to show that you are completely against him and you’re aiming for him not to follow you. How should one ignore or leave someone alone? Second scenario: girls ignore a man who is assuming it makes them fall harder. It certainly does. That is the correct solution. Almost all women think that you have to totally ignore him or he might fall. That’s not going to go so well. Tell him if you want him.


When it comes to getting a guy’s attention there are many things to try. Have you tried ignoring a guy? When done correctly it often works

It seems that men behave like they have no needs from us. Try to ignore someone and find out the outcome. You must learn to ignore someone to be successful. Usually hard tasks get the greatest rewards. In getting a man into love sometimes it takes his stomach to reach his heart instead – he needs to get underneath him. Ignoring a guy can make you attract attention and make him demand your attention.

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What should I do if I’m ignored because he doesn’t feel good enough or capable of dating me

Initially, I wanted a woman more. It doesn’t work. Not because I played a sport, but because I wanted no one to kiss my ass. Little did I know I had totally destroyed myself. Ignorance does nothing but give them a good chance. Tell me your response? Why do men ignore women? Guys are unable to see the women they are looking forward to as they don’t know how to behave. This will reduce pain.

How to ignore a guy?

I want to know why. Tell me the best method to ignore an idiot who ignores your needs? It takes some self control. You just want someone who will not mess you up and do what you want. You’ll learn the best way to hide someone quickly!

Turn off notifications

It also applies to text messages. Guys sometimes call randomly when they feel they need to talk and then stop talking once conversations start to get better. You’re in charge of this game. Don’t reply immediately by turning off notification messages. This way if the guy calls you will find out when you call him and not immediately get his phone message back. You ignore him so you never know about him anymore. Show me the easiest way for playing cool with a guy without distance or clingyness.

What To Do When He Texts After Ignoring You? At some point, he went MIA and you accepted the fact that you wouldn’t be hearing from him ever again.

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Make him a little jealous

You have to be very careful but it may help. If you ignore him you can flirt online with another man via Facebook. All right, there are games played, but sometimes the desperate needs desperate action. You know nothing about that, you should clarify that it is still blurry. This seems tough, it’ll never be. It’s all about flirting. It raises a little suspicion. It’s the man that sees it. What are the best ways to get a man jealous?

Leave your phone alone

It may be hard to take your cellphone off the phone. You’ll likely experience withdrawals as you don’t take the toilet. But abandoning your smartphone will keep you from ignoring his existence and will also help with your mental health. Neither phone means text messages. Keep the phone quiet when you are dining, reading or watching television. That would be insane.

Keep busy

When you are busy you are no longer worrying who ignored you and who drove you crazy. I am not trying to appear like someone else is not a concern. Work your passions, read books, or make a delicious new recipe for a friend’s family. The less you think about him or reach out to him. Tell me the best reason for a bad relationship?

Demand better

It’s technically nothing but a stop to his ego and a cycle in which he won’t get the thing. Give them your thoughts. Tell him you will never accept being obstructive to your rights and deserve treatment when you are dating. How should I get him to know you are worthy of more?

Mute him on social media

You could ignore the guy all day long, and if he appears on your Instagram or Snapchat you can see he is in the picture. It does not take him to block him, it is possible to mute him. He’ll see you don’t see the posts he’ll see and he won’t be able to get your mission wrong.

Talk to someone else

When your to-do list has been filled, contact your friends. Vent about the guy who does nothing to you or talks to you about other things. Talking with another person will also distract you. You will have them ask why they haven’t called.

Go out and make it known

Bring the girls out for fun and enjoy yourself. Hanging out with a friend can keep you busy and lift your spirits. Show him you can have fun and he wants the same time with you. Tell me how can he get bored of you?

Focus on yourself

Instead, you should focus on yourself. Relax, enjoy the spa nights and enjoy chocolate. Yourself deserves love. Ironically, it increases your own confidence and increases your attractiveness. It’s all win.

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