How Does A Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? (25 Ways)


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How Does A Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You
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How Does A Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? (25 Ways)

Signs a Scorpio Likes You

Signs a Scorpio likes you........I've caught him staring at me at least  twice and he can be skittish around me. | Gemini man, Gemini, Gemini quotes

If you’re dating a Scorpio, be on the lookout for some of these signs. These signs may indicate that the Scorpio you’re seeing is more than a friend. While Libras and Sagittarians like to make you a part of their group, Scorpios want you all to themselves. They may try to snoop around when you’re surrounded by people or follow you to quiet places. It may be a sign that he’s trying to suss you out.

Are Scorpios having blossoming relationships? It can also become arduous. You may not even know that your boyfriend really liked you yet? If yes, this article will be helpful. This is a true account of Scorpios behavior when they attract women. The sign shows unique behaviors which are easily identified if the user knows their behavior. How can one attract Scorpio into a person’s life? Please read this sentence very carefully. The brain is the main mechanism that controls our desire to attract and often a person’s instinct for being attractive is called a hero.

A scorpio wants to know everything about you

If you have met a Scorpio, it’s likely that he wants to know everything about you. Although Scorpios are not known for their warmth and generosity, they will try to understand what’s going on inside your head. He will also ask you about your interests and hobbies. If you’re a horror movie fan, he’ll want to share them with you.

A Scorpio’s gaze is intense. It can look like love or hate, depending on your behavior and reactions. He will notice things about you that no one else will notice. He may like the way you sit alone, wear something that no one else wears, or say something that nobody else will. Whatever it is, he’s looking for uniqueness.

A scorpio wants to be your friend

If you want to become friends with a Scorpio, there are several things you need to know. This fiery sign is very loyal to his friends and can be very possessive of them. It is not easy to gain his trust and convince him to open up to you. This sign is not likely to open up about his feelings and will likely take swift revenge if he feels hurt or betrayed. However, he will most likely share the good things in life with his friends.

A Scorpio wants to be near you and may try to impress you with the way he dresses or moves his body. He may also try to impress you with his cooking skills, because he knows that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.

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A scorpio is protective of you

If you’re wondering if a Scorpio is protective of you, this sign is more likely to protect you than you might expect. As a sign of jealousy, Scorpios can become overly protective if they feel threatened. Scorpio men are also very possessive and can be difficult to handle.

A Scorpio man is very possessive and jealous of his lady love. He won’t let another woman take away his attention and may be possessive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s overbearing. Scorpio men often reveal more about themselves than they let on in relationships. They may be open about their insecurities, likes and dislikes, or even their childhood memories. If a Scorpio feels a connection with a woman, he’ll be open and honest about his feelings.

If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio, it’s crucial to communicate with him in your own way. You must be aware that they are not accustomed to being dominated and will not tolerate your efforts to set an agenda. They also don’t tolerate disrespect toward their partner. It’s important to keep in mind that these men have an intense emotional quotient, which means they are sensitive to your feelings.

A scorpio is curious

One of the first signs that a Scorpio is curious about you is their intense gaze. They tend to look at people in a way that can be both intense and insensitive, but they are also quite perceptive and look for something that makes someone stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re sitting at a table alone or sharing a coffee, you may notice a Scorpio staring at you.

Scorpios like dark and horror entertainment. They enjoy studying the underbelly of human life. They can also enjoy games of control. They are drawn to the occult and love to investigate the underbelly of the world. They are also attracted to martial arts.

A scorpio will flirt with you

The first thing a Scorpio will do when they’re flirting with you is take an interest in what you have to say. While they may be funny and make fun of themselves, they’ll also take the time to learn more about you. They may ask about your career plans or long-term goals.

When a Scorpio is flirting with you, he’ll pay attention to every word you say and remember every detail. This is because he’s trying to learn more about you, and it will show. If you make a good listener, he’ll be flattered.

A scorpio will make himself available to you

While Scorpios can be a little bit hard to woo, they can also be very supportive of their partners. If you’re interested in a Scorpio, you’ll want to make sure to be yourself in your interactions with him. If you don’t, they may back off. In addition, Scorpios are comfortable discussing taboo topics such as sex and intimacy, as well as human psychology. As long as you’re willing to be open and honest about yourself, a Scorpio will make himself available to you.

A Scorpio man will want to spend time with a woman who is physically attractive. He appreciates a woman who takes care of herself and is in good shape. If you’re trying to attract a Scorpio man, make sure you take the time to be yourself and show off your feminine charms. You can also make the process easier by letting him take his time to open up to you.

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Personal traits of Scorpio men

Scorpio is an established sign which means you can trust Scorpiomen in their actions. You can trust them for anything. The water however dominates the water. Scorpio men also have a strong sense of passion. They don’t hide their thoughts, Scorpio males can be funny and manipulative, but they’re determined and won’t stop until they’re wrongfully hurt. They have the warmth and calmness to offer the impression that they have secrets; there’s always something beneath. They’ll disclose themselves to people they’re committed to and then ensure that they know and trust you first. They’ll be very honest with you.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs

Tell me the sign of Scorpio love for your life. Tell me more! According to Astrologers, the zodiacal signs have twelve – Aries, Taurus, Gemini Cancer, Scorpio Aquarius Libra, Scorpio, Pisce. All the signs have distinct traits. Scorpiomen often describe themselves as passionate and purpose-oriented persons that are grounded and relaxed. They are mysterious entities which seem isolated to most people and can become very faithful partners at any time of the day. Scorpions are famous for caring and loving lovers. He is not afraid of being in love. If he wanted to meet you, he would tell you.

He regularly initiates conversations with you

Scorpios that have a crush on you can be incredibly friendly. They are detectives of Zodiacs and are usually complete romantic detectives. When he sees you as a Scorpio he seeks to peek inside your mind. He’s not going to harass you or try to keep up conversations. The man is incredibly smart and he does not want you to think that he would be a good fit. He may use the real chance you have to talk. During your Scorpio conversation, you will have to ask some very important questions about yourself. So expect the conversation to continue to reveal deeply sensitive data about ourselves.

His eyes have been locking in on you

There’s no adage. Eyes are windows to our souls and they are very important in the astrological world. This guy has the most powerful eye in the zodiac. If he likes you he will be able to see his longing for you. You’re probably going to have some kind of shock if he looks in your direction when you see them or see something that’s in your head. You may find yourself unsure or confused. What’s the easiest way of expressing emotion? If your friend is unable to see your eyes, it can also indicate your impact on him.

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Reading A Scorpio Man’s Mind

Can Scorpios behave in the presence of people that are in love? This isn t the most straightforward question. It’s tough to tell how Scorpios feel about love as they’re only telling you everything they want from them. Scorpios are hard to know, as they are afraid people might not read them. It’s hard for you to find out if the guarded man likes you. It has many positive aspects about this water sign. Scorpios are naturally strong, decisive, especially for lovers. His secret can also make him distrust others.

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He’s loyal to you

Tell me about the Scorpios behaviour based on liking your man? A Scorpio is always very devoted to whoever he loves. He’s going to do all possible things to make his love completely happy. Scorpion people are going to do everything they can to defend those they love. He’ll be a very loyal person who can demonstrate his loyalty by supporting you in public. He will show you publicly that you were there. He is standing beside your side to protect your hand when you go together. Whenever your challenge comes, you can trust his guidance. During this period of attraction, his relationship with a special person will become fiercely loyal.

He’ll give you more attention

If you think he’s really good, he’ll be focused when you talk to him. He is much more at ease in his eyes than usual. He shows you he is really interested in you when he looks closely. Unlike others, a Scorpio can talk to everyone at night and has good security measures that protect privacy and confidentiality Unlike other stars. Scorpios have the ability to open their minds. Instead he will show you his feelings by actually listening to you. He could also watch social media and post a review on your blog post or like it. Depending on how many times he’s logged on, you’re likely to have feelings for him.

He’ll be competing for your attention

Scorpios have a strong competitive personality. He does everything he can for you. He will be an honest and friendly man who asks you out, compliments, or gives you affection. He will pick you up as one of the members who are looking for some special time together for you. He doesn’t shy away from competitors. He regards life like competition and needs plan. He’s trying to get you to agree with him in any possible way. Even when you aren’t trying out for love there can always be urgency in the action. If he’s willing to compete with you, it’s a clear sign he loves you and wants you.

He will show you more physical affection

Whenever you love the Scorpios you can’t resist touching you. In the zodiacs, Scorpio men are sensual. It is traditionally ruled by the Mars symbol and is attributed to desire – sexual activity. When he loves someone, he has a good physical connection to them. His water zodiac sign provides an emotionally connected connection through physical touch. He will express feelings through physical action – touching, kissing or hugging. Physical affection provides a secure bond between the man and the woman. When he has your attention alone, he is able to touch you at any moment.

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He makes eye contact with you

If you look at the eyes of a guy, you’ll find out if he’s interested in you. Another indication that he is in you is that he stares deeply at you. There will absolutely no problem for the man to contact. He considers it to be romantic. For him, this indicates deep affectionate love in a relationship. Obviously the guy noticed the smiles and laughs you’re having. He is very attentive. Scorpios can have intense emotions if the lover’s gaze is intense. If a man makes eye contact and you cannot stop the gaze he has on you then you may be sure he liked you.

He’ll test you

Many women find the Scorpio partner difficult. These men born in Scorpio zodiacs can challenge their relationships. How do Scorpio guys react to liking someone else? Generally the Scorpios love to try and test love interests, particularly at the beginning of their relationships and when they meet.. Usually when someone starts feeling for you they’ll try and find out he’s not hurting you or hurting someone else’s feelings. These behaviors can make people feel uncomfortable and may not necessarily be attractive traits for people who are looking for them.

He’s intense

In Scorpio the man’s astrological signs are intense and mysterious. How do Scorpios act if they like them? Scorpio lovers give an intense and moltering look to your eyes contact. If you like him then your action towards him intensifies. It’s his interest to hear about your personality, what separates me from the other girls? When you interest him, you can trust him to learn about you. You may sometimes feel him looking deeply into your soul. The males who carry the zodiac are highly receptive. The feeling of something towards you can get intense.

He wants to know how you feel

Scorpio men love female women because they want information on the emotions of those women. When you’re in a relationship, he’ll be very cold. Eventually, he is interested in you in an emotionally powerful way. Scorpio men have been known to form intimate relationships with their emotions. A Scorpio who likes to have an intense relationship. He’ll talk to you and will ask you some deep questions about yourself. He wants to hear from you about your feelings. Unless he enjoys you, he can ask what you think about various topics.

He will respond to your texts (eventually)

Scorpio people usually take several minutes to respond back to your text messages. Obviously, this does not mean he’s no longer interested in you. It is the standard behavior of men who wear this star sign. Until you see it you’re doing things. He moves at a very fast pace. It may be a while before he gets back. As an introvert, Scorpios can have difficulty in interacting with their true friends. Scorpio men need control. It’s possible that you’re going out of control and sending more texts so that you can control yourself.

He protects you

If Scorpios love you immediately feel his protection. He will help his girlfriend. When a Scorpio loves somebody, they must be very careful about it. He’s just protecting those he loved. The Scorpio loves control and is always looking after his loved ones however if possible. When someone threatens his lover, they immediately respond. The man will be careful not to upset anyone who hurts you. It is the love that is always there for him. He can help keep the girl safe. Those who are loyal to you are firmly in control.

He wants you to tell him your secrets

Scorpio males also respect the confidentiality and the secret. He has an interest in learning everything about a woman that he likes. The guy is no fan of small-talk but wants a fast move from the awkwardness of small talk to deeper. Scorpio seeks your future dreams and secrets. Scorpio Obviously likes you so much and really wants to know more. Although he’ll be interested in your secrets, he could be annoyed not to share your secrets. He may also avoid asking questions he thinks are unsuitable and personal.

He asks lots of questions

Scorpios are usually asked about people by people like them. The more Scorpios learn of women the closer they get to one another. While he may be more specific, he is interested in everything about your life. He wants to learn about you personally and psychologically. He wants to feel that his relationship is understood. If he likes people he asks lots of questions to find their genuine personality. Scorpio men like people and will often ask questions about their lives and their current lives.

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He’ll tell you he likes you

If the Scorpios like you, they tell you immediately. It’s gonna be a nice surprise to hear that the man likes you. It means more than simply words. When someone asks for Scorpion information, he will take it very seriously. When he speaks to you like this, Scorpio is already interested. However, because of this tendency to play and test it may take some years if any signs of sagittis appear. If his emotional attachments towards you grow, there may also be a relationship with him.

He shares everything with you

If a Scorpio man loves someone they’ll share all of what it has in store for them. He is famous because of the mystery and does not often speak of himself. But the Scorpio guy is always willing to do everything possible to fulfill the woman’s every need. He’s very kind to you. Scorpio men share their time, thoughts and even money with important friends. Investing in the right thing is a good investment. Once you show his love to you he will spend his time with you.

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He knows what he wants

When a Scorpion man wants to know you he will keep on chasing you. The star sign of men is commonly known for their intense personality if they know how to do what the person wants. In a situation where he feels like you, he won’t be afraid to leave. He’s going to manage your marriage he’s making your first steps and planning romantic dates with you. He’ll call him by texting. The guys are seeking your thoughts on relationships: What are they thinking about?

He’s comfortable with you

Scorpio loves you and if he loves you, he is very happy with you. When you spend long periods of time with him and he feels completely comfortable, there is a chance he is falling in love with you. A Scorpio guy has character suspicion and does not simply trust people. When Scorpios love people, he may even wish you would join their plans. This might seem odd when you are just at the start of the relationship.

He wants to watch scary movies with you

Scorpions are fascinated by the excitement of an excellent horror film. They can be seen by its shadowy nature. You know he loves you as soon as he takes you on movie nights to a horror movie with him. If you like him then he wants to share your interest with you. It is romantic to hide behind a man. He enjoys such intense experiences that he gets closer to each other.

He’s respectful and shows genuine interest in you as a person

The Scorpio guy is normally fairly deep and seeks partner who is also deep. Most people don’t like superficial relationships. I mean, no longer. He will display deep interest, attention and immersive focus early on. He will be interested to find out what happened to you. You have to connect deeply with those who have experienced your greatest traumas. The men are moving rapidly on that front. Even if a man requests information about you, they wont be a bit pushover. The Scorpios have a little patience.

He seeks a mutual connection with you

Getting close contacts has been very helpful to me. So that’s how you can communicate your love with him. Depending upon your personal relationships with him it might seem that he is really interested and has something different. Is he searching for more connections? Are there any people around him that are interested? It’s possible that the man is looking beyond just casual friendship, and that’s the case. His goal is to be surrounded by family members. He wants a glimpse of the real woman’s face.

Is this Scorpio male possessive or does he like to keep you all to himself?

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He loves to talk about the future with you

Does this guy want to discuss the future with you for long, but not mysteriously? Does he usually discuss his goals regularly? What do you think is your life goal? What do you think? I hope he likes your guy! A romantic relationship with women will require him to learn how to understand the person in detail. He wants to learn about what’s really important to you as it also matters to him. The man could make the impression that the two are on the same page with respect to their future.

He’s getting physically closer to you

Scorp guys that are attracted to you bridge the gap with you. Then you start thinking of him first of all. He will be going to go with you physically. Does your physical gap get smaller? Are they finding some reason to get closer to me? Does this make him stand closer? Do we look at each other when talking? What is going on? You can test the need of his physical proximity with you personally. Tell me the response to this guy? Tell us the reason for Scorpios attractiveness?

He often compliments you

Is Scorpio trying to praise your attributes regardless of whose sign it comes from? If so, it’s likely he liked you or was interested in you. When people love you, then they are interested in making you happy. They compliment you on a good face or just laugh. If he compliments your appearance, he might like you and have emotions of his own. Maybe he says something as simple. We bet your feeling is very good. Maybe he will even text you good mornings and good nights.

He gives you a reward

Scorpio men like a woman and compliment her for expressing his feelings for her. The gentleman may be able to provide enough respect for you that will enhance your self-esteem and enhance his natural beauty. He may try to keep looking good at all times and wear clothes he can’t see. Do you compliment him? It shows that he loves you and wants you to see how beautiful you are. He’ll be giving you a good compliment and is interested in you for a long time.

He tries to be around you as much as possible

He may try to stay close by with you. Perhaps he talks to your friends and family constantly about his plans. A man who feels a connection to another woman feels she is a part of his life and it’s probably the first sign that he is going to take the first step. Will he discuss the future with you? How do we achieve our goals? Do you think he is as important to you as possible? It’s possible that you have more than just a friendship.

He remembers things about you

When someone like you takes a chance to understand what you are interested in. This includes knowing yourself. Maybe he knows things about your favorite color. This means the man wants more information from you on how to find the right place; He will remember it for future reference – and you can see it for yourself. He wants to get information on someone he wants to contact. He is interested in everything you need most.

He plans Romantic Dates

It isn’t always clear when Scorpio guys like you and why, but it’s possible. It is possible that the guy loves you if they do not leave you alone. Are they planning dates? Is that not a reason to not go to his place? If his suggestion is to go out to a date with him who can find interesting places of interaction, for example a poolside beach or a beach or just see a horror movie this shows he really feels about you too.

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He watches your facial expressions and gestures

Perhaps you’re a little closer to him when you look at him. Do you watch his movements while you speak? Is his voice good? Depending upon whether this guy has been contacted by email, he may want to start an ongoing relationship. Are you watching his movements more closely than normal? Does anyone want his or your words? He may be drawn to your personality and would like to meet the real person behind your personality.

He Offers To Help You

When somebody wants to know you, then he or she is thinking about you first. It’s never about their wants. If your Scorpio loves you he offers help wherever possible. Are you able to bring food or other goods? Is there any possibility that you could drive him? It doesn’t matter whether he’s trying to make things up in the future. He may enjoy you and will contact you if you are pleased.

He might be joking when he brings up the future together

Sometimes bringing futures together seems strange and it doesn’t always work out as expected if you like it. Scorpio men often joke about things and don’t always take statements seriously. Are people laughing when they talk about their futures? He may want to know how your career is going. When Scorpios liked you he would probably talk to you and ask you if you have any plans.

He avoids arguments with you

It can happen when we all battle against one another. In a Scorpio man he may be looking for the best way of preventing you from fighting. If he cares about your emotions and avoids fights with you it shows he loves you. It is possible that he is not going to have an argument with the woman he loves. He might avoid disputes in order to keep the relationship in good shape.

He looks at you in a way that nobody else does

Maybe he looks at your face with the same stare. They are intense or impassioned. The way someone looks at you shows you the truth of your appearance beyond the simplest glance. Are they looking at you like you just saw him first time? Perhaps he’s looking at you like nobody’s doing it. Probably because he has a special connection to you which other people don’t see.

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He asks about your plans and future goals

How do you focus on a career? Can he tell me your plans for the future? He will see what you want him to believe. Scorpio men tend to enjoy their curiosity about you by examining you. Does he enjoy telling me about something important to you? If it’s true, then it shows he might have an interest in your relationship. He wanted to get to know her better.

He opens up his body language with you

Scorpion cards are kept on the back. That makes identifying if someone is drawn by you difficult. But like every other man, he tends to show his attraction to the woman by body expression. Often the act takes place unknowingly but is often unconscious. Tell me the best method to signal attraction in your head? How do Scorpios signify their soulmates?

His behavior changes when you are around him

He may behave differently compared to others around you based on his appearance. Maybe the man is affectionate or excited at being in your presence. Has the guy changed behavior when others have gone around him? Have people viewed his actions as attentive? He might show that your presence shows that there is something about him that nobody can see.

If this man makes time in his busy schedule to spend with you, then this is an obvious sign there may be something more between the two of you. He Likes To Talk About His Personal Life

He Teases And Flirts With You

Flirting shows people they want something about you. Scorpio men will sometimes flirt when they have others nearby. If your boyfriend teases you by phone or email, it could make you laugh. Is the joke funny? Do he flirt with people and try to lure people in? It can happen when someone likes something or wants someone else to take notice.

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He gives you gifts

If people like somebody they do that differently. This way we spoil you. In an effort of communicating his feelings he might bring a gift for you. It’s an indication that he loves you. Does the man bring flowers, jewelry or anything else in exchange for his affection? I think he brought you gifts everyday. Possibly he wants your opinion.

Scorpio: Know The Basic Details

Born October 23-November 21 represented by Scorpio.Element WaterRounding Planets. They are likely a person that has a conscience and a strong belief in themselves. The following tips can help you make your dream of becoming Scorpion men becomes his love.

Just like a Scorpio woman or any star sign, this man may be interested in developing intimacy with you in simple ways and an overall deep emotional connection without the mind games.

He’ll share everything with you

Scorpions love to take up private space and don’t want anyone else into it. But if he allows you to get close to him you know he loves you too. The guy is happy sharing clothes and food. This shows a sense of exclusivity. Scorpios have become the least understood zodiacal sign. If you know someone you know how intense, passionately committed and reliable you are. Whenever you crush someone belonging to a mysterious zodiac sign, make a note of his personality traits so that no complications arise.

Scorpio men are known for their ability to create an intimate and deep emotional connection.

Reassure Him

Scorpio is the most trusted zodiac sign of all zodiacs. They feel unease. In Scorpio hearts your words should also be supported by action. Never tell him something to please him. Show his love and respect with action. When you are inside his inner circle he will be captivated by his love and passion for you and his devotion to you. The people in this zodiac sign were deeply rooted. But even if the couple has an affection for you inside, that affection is hidden inside.

You’ll always have his attention

With Scorpios, there are no worries with the eye. Whenever he truly is interested in you, he’ll concentrate on you. It would be helpful to maintain eye contact during the conversation and you will notice a warm gaze from him. Conversations with him would seem like there is absolutely nothing in his life. From how you speak to hand gestures, a man notices everything he’s looking at and he’s a big fan of you.

He loves spending time with you

Scorpios aren’t expressive and make grand plans to declare your love for you. But the Scorpions don’t hesitate to let them know you are happy with you. If you find a Scorpio man in their heart he will make every effort to get to know you better. Expect many calls-and-repeat texts a couple of nights in advance, but not so much that you feel cynical.

He Shows His Sensual Side

Scorpios have a passion and sensual love, and enjoy their couples deeply. And if your husband really loves you, expect lots of romance, sexual sensitivity, and love! It’s naturally in Scorpio men who try to attract women who love them. Nevertheless, if Scorpios are aware of their infidelity they might be forced from their relationships.

When a Scorpio man has strong feelings for you, his goal becomes making you feel wanted and loved.

Trust is a factor

Trust and loyalty dominate any water sign card including Scorpio. You must be able to establish trust in him and be loyal with him. Scorpios can’t accept lying and often don’t speak up about people they are not trusting. They have a deep commitment to this and expect something similar from their partners.

He’s protecting you

During battle Mars, a God of war, controls Libra. You’re also going to feel his protection if you are around him. When walking along a street side by side, he might point toward a path to protect his vehicle. In many cases it will be as if he truly cared to be yours. A Scorpio loves his lover deeply.

He’s always there for you

So, he will be your first choice. Scorpio man fall in love and are happy with themselves. When you need help with the housework they can take care of everything for you. Scorpios are the best loving souls. But a guy that sees the idea of you using him is sure to escape!

Never control them

Scorpio dislikes being controlled. Instead, a few people like setting their own paces. If we want to woo our Scorpio guy we need him to follow. Rather than monopolizing, they choose independence. Avoid feeling desperate or trying to force yourself into your feelings for some reason.

He gets Jealous Easily

If you’re aware of a Scorpio guy becoming possessive towards you, be certain he loves you very much too. Jealousness is Scorpio’s characteristic, and if his lady love is concerned he doesn’t want to get you. Although he may be less engrossed, he can sense possessive behavior too.

Tell me the truth

While you might be tempted by identifying his perfect personality and moulding yourself accordingly, that won’t be the case for Scorpios. Instead be proud of who we are. A Scorpio’s heart will get more rewarded for keeping the truth because they value authenticity.

Be patient

Scorpiomen are hidden under mystery that can be difficult to comprehend initially. There are multiple layers that require patience and dedication to learn. Scorpio males fall in love with women who attract them. And patience is essential when attracting him.

He’ll connect emotionally with you

When the Scorpio guy you love begins sharing his feelings, his dislike of the woman and childhood memories he will be in love with you. In Scorpio the person who opens the most emotionally is connected to the person he connects.

He Responds To Your Flirtations

Usually the guy does this purely to get your interest and attract you to him. Scorpio guy likes passionate and sensual and should you ask them about a rumour about something.

You’ve become his confidant

This indicates that Scorpio loves you. Scorpio doesn t really trust anyone, so unless he lets himself down, he will always be happy.

He wants you all to himself

Scorpio zodiac sign act sometimes like they want jealousy if someone asks you questions in a conversation. In any case, he may be looking to take you all in. It may even indicate a little of your feelings about him!

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