How a Mars Square to the Moon Natal Can Affect Your Life


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mars square moon natal

If your natal chart contains the planet Mars square your Moon, it’s a good idea to read this article to discover how this aspect can affect your life. You may be born with this combination, and there are a variety of things you can do to take advantage of this aspect to help you develop your passions. You may also find that you become obsessed with a partner or are attracted to someone who is a good fit for your sign.


Those born with a Mars square to the Moon natal

People with a Mars square to the Moon nativity tend to be passionate and ambitious. Their desire for personal fulfillment often causes them to overreact or even become overly aggressive. Those with this aspect have a keen sense of justice, but they can also be overly critical of others. Although this aspect can lead to conflict, it can also help with stability. Those born with a Mars square to the Moon natal can have a feisty nature, but they may also be protective.

Those with Mars in Taurus may be highly competitive or stubborn. They may have a sensitivity to other people’s feelings and often have a tendency to express their own emotions. They tend to be quick to anger and often prefer to communicate their feelings in a passionate manner. They may also be easily bored with routine life and need constant stimulation to keep their spirits high. If you have a Mars square to the Moon in your natal chart, you may need to make some changes to your life.

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Famous people with a Mars square to the Moon nat chart include Bruce Lee, Walt Disney, and Louisa May Alcott. People with this aspect have a tendency toward emotional excitement and are prone to sexuality. These people may also be physically aggressive. If you are born with a Mars square to the Moon in your natal chart, you might be attracted to people who have a Mars sextile or a Moon trine to the Moon.

Those born with a Mars square to the Moon transit

A Mars square to the Moon can cause many problems for people who were born under this planetary conjunction. For example, the native of this planetary combination can become quite emotional, or even overly sexual, and they may even experience illness. This aspect can make a person more impulsive, but it can also lead to negative manifestations such as a love affair that goes bad or a marriage that falls apart.

A Moon square to Mars can also create impulsiveness and emotional violence in those born during this planetary conjunction. Those born with this planetary combination tend to express their anger in a highly emotional manner, and are more likely to be stubborn than others. They are also more likely to be quick to become angry, and may be extremely opinionated about their own needs. Those born under a Mars square to the Moon can also become very stubborn, which can make them more difficult to work with.

Those born under a Mars square to the Moon have extra energy to spend on romance and other creative activities. Since Mars is in Aries, Sags are already expressive, but this Mars square can make them even more so. While the retrograde period will slow the daily routine of people in the month of June, there will be extra energy for romantic activities. This transit is also conducive to long-distance travel, educational opportunities, and expressing wild fantasies.

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Mars takes about two years to make a full circuit around the Sun. Transiting Mars can make three contacts with your natal planets. A Mars square to the Moon transit can indicate your aggressive nature, passion, and physical skills. A Mars square to the Moon can also indicate a tendency toward impulsive behavior. If you are born under this transit, you should be aware that you may need to act quickly.