What Do Tarot Cards Mean Upside Down?


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Tarot cards have been used for divination purposes for centuries. Depending on the position of the cards, they can convey different meanings and insights. When Tarot cards are drawn upside down or reversed, their symbolism can change significantly. In this context, many individuals wonder what Tarot cards mean when drawn in the reversed position. This topic is fascinating and can shed new light on the messages that Tarot readers receive while performing readings.


Understanding the Basics of Tarot Cards

Before we dive into the meaning of tarot cards when they appear upside down, let’s first understand the basics of tarot cards. Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards that are used for divination, meditation, and self-reflection. Each card has a unique image and meaning that can be interpreted based on the context of a reading. Tarot cards are divided into two categories: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, which represent significant life events or spiritual lessons. The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards, which are further divided into four suits: swords, cups, wands, and pentacles.

Understanding the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana cards are the most profound and influential cards in the tarot deck. These cards represent significant life events, such as birth, death, love, and enlightenment. Each card has a unique image and meaning that can be interpreted based on the context of a reading. When a Major Arcana card appears in a tarot reading, it is believed to hold more weight and significance than a Minor Arcana card.

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Understanding the Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards represent the day-to-day experiences and challenges that we face in our lives. These cards are divided into four suits: swords, cups, wands, and pentacles. Each suit is associated with a different element and represents a different aspect of our lives. Swords represent the element of air and deal with the realm of the mind and intellect. Cups represent the element of water and deal with emotions and relationships. Wands represent the element of fire and deal with energy, creativity, and passion. Pentacles represent the element of earth and deal with the material world, such as money, career, and possessions.

Understanding What It Means When Tarot Cards Are Upside Down

When a tarot card appears upside down, it is called a “reversed” card. Reversed cards can have a different meaning than when they appear upright. Reversed cards can indicate blockages, setbacks, or challenges. They can also indicate a need for introspection or a warning to proceed with caution. However, the meaning of a reversed card can vary depending on the context of a reading and the intuition of the reader.

Understanding the Different Interpretations of Reversed Tarot Cards

There are different interpretations of reversed tarot cards, and it is up to the reader to decide which interpretation feels most appropriate for the context of the reading. Some readers interpret reversed cards as the opposite of their upright meaning. For example, the upright meaning of the Ace of Cups is about new emotional beginnings and love. The reversed meaning could be interpreted as a lack of emotional fulfillment or blocked emotions. Other readers interpret reversed cards as a more intense version of their upright meaning. For example, the upright meaning of the Tower card is about sudden upheaval and change. The reversed meaning could be interpreted as a more severe or prolonged period of upheaval and change.

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Understanding the Importance of Intuition in Reading Reversed Tarot Cards

When interpreting reversed tarot cards, it is essential to rely on intuition and personal experience. Each reader has a unique perspective and relationship with the tarot deck. Therefore, it is crucial to trust your intuition and allow the cards to guide you. It is also essential to consider the context of the reading and the individual who is receiving the reading. Tarot readings are highly personal, and the meaning of a card can vary depending on the individual’s beliefs, experiences, and emotions.

FAQs: What Do Tarot Cards Mean Upside Down

What are upside-down tarot cards?

Upside-down tarot cards are also known as “reversed” cards. When a tarot card is drawn upside down or in the reversed position, it means its energy or meaning has been blocked, delayed, or is not fully realized. A reversed card can indicate a challenge or an area in which more attention needs to be given to be able to move forward.

Are reversed tarot cards negative?

No, reversed tarot cards should not always be taken as negative. Instead, consider a reversed card as a warning of sorts, suggesting that we take special care and close attention to the situation before making any decisions. Tarot cards, when drawn upright, can express their positive or negative qualities, but the same is true when they are reversed.

How do you interpret upside-down tarot cards?

The interpretation of reversed tarot cards varies from reader to reader. Generally, a reversed card suggests the opposite of the upright meaning, but it could also highlight the internal or hidden aspects of the situation, indicating that it may require more thought or emotional processing. When a reversed card appears in a tarot reading, it is essential to remain open-minded and consider the context and other cards in the spread, to understand what it is trying to convey.

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Should upside down cards be included in a tarot spread interpretation?

Yes, reversed tarot cards should be included in a tarot spread interpretation. When performing a tarot reading, the entire deck is used, and each card is essential to complete the story or answer to the question addressed by the spread. Whether a card is upside down or positioned upright, it is a part of the deck’s complete message.

Can I choose to ignore reversed tarot cards during a reading?

As a tarot reader, you have the option to exclude reversed tarot cards from your reading. However, it is essential to understand that every card in the deck can help uncover the answers to your questions or provide insights into the possibilities of the situation. Reversed tarot cards may present challenges or delays, but they can also help you explore the question more fully, providing you with a complete picture of the situation.

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