Is Lucid Dreaming Haram?


Is Lucid Dreaming Haram
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Scholars Forbidden to Call Erotic Lucid Dreams and Ideas ‘Un permissible’ – Guidelines to Academic Freedom in Islamic Law

This is because Lucid Dreaming on the depiction of erotic and suggestive imagery and words, as well as scenes involving rape, but Muslim scholars say that a distinction should be made between what is halal (lawful) and what is haram (unlawful).

All forms of Lucid Dreaming of erotic thinking, images, or actions are forbidden in Islam whether it involves the act or just thoughts.

As such, it is not permissible for a Muslim to write an erotic novel or poem or even accept an award for such works because such literature will fall under the heading of “haram”.

This is problematic for a number of reasons. First, it is important for scholars to differentiate between what is permitted and what is forbidden.

The scholars should have a clear understanding of what is allowed and what is forbidden in order to discern between permissible and unacceptable, so that they may not be tempted into committing sins which go against their beliefs.

Additionally, scholars must beware of the fact that many scholars and intellectuals have been influenced by postmodernists who have distorted the meaning of Arabic language and culture to the extent that such language and culture is used to justify acts of sexual assault and rape which would not be condoned in the Islamic religion and society.

In this respect, scholars should resist the temptation to engage in self-justification of their own acts of sexual fantasies broguth on by Lucid Dreaming by resorting to postmodernism or by using poetic analogies or metaphors.

This is because such actions are not only morally wrong but also intrinsically unlawful, both in theory and in reality.

The second problem with this apparent violation of the right of free speech is that the act itself is not only wrong but also highly offensive.

To make matters worse, such behavior may become the basis of future charges against the writers and publishers.

Thus, it is not unknown for scholars to find themselves under fire not merely from conservative Islamic groups but also from other sectors of society which are trying to impose their own moral values and norms on scholars.

There is a clear need for scholars to defend their views against being called into question or to stand up for their right to freedom of expression as they grapple with the predicament of defending their right to academic freedom in the midst of threats and censorship from various sectors of society.

Lucid Dreaming Islamic Meditation

Lucid Dreaming is an Islamic technique that enables a person to have dreams, but in the end he does not remember them.

The word Lucid means “seen” or “knowing.” Therefore, dreams are considered to be “Lucid”“. In fact, there is no concrete scientific definition for Lucid Dreaming, but generally speaking, it is a state of consciousness which allows the individual to access stored, subliminal memories during a dream.

  • Some people state that Lucid Dreaming has nothing to do with religion, and is a natural phenomenon that happens to everyone.
  • However, there are many people who believe that God gives you dreams to teach you things, and even to teach you about your future. Some even say that during a dream, you can receive important information from the subconscious mind.
  • Many psychologists, however, do not believe this. It is possible for you to have Lucid Dreaming, but these incidents are only dreams – we are not talking about any kind of paranormal activities.
  • It could happen that you may be able to control when you have a Lucid Dream, or be able to control the way you will remember it.
  • You can also learn to control what you will be seeing during your dream, if you are open-minded.
  • For example, if you see some terrible things while you are having a Lucid Dream, you should not tell yourself that you are seeing things that will come back to harm you. This is just an example, and it is up to you to interpret what you will see during your dream.

Lucid Dream Forbidden For Him May Result in Bad Actions

One of the most difficult things for a person dreaming is waking up while in a lucid dream. If you are in the middle of one, what do you do?

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You may think that your dream is real but the truth is that it isn’t, because it is only your imagination.

When it comes to the second part, “what may result from dreaming” lucid dreams and he may result into committing fornication and other evil deeds.

People who are able to control their dreams can do good things, but those who cannot control their dreams may do bad things and this can even be fatal.

lucid dream prohibited for him may lead to committing fornication and evil deeds

For some people “dream forbidden” means that they can’t have a certain thing in their life.

In other cases it simply means that they cannot have something that is possible in their real life. In other cases it is just a question of not wanting to do something.

If you want to stop smoking, then you can do so in a dream because it is possible, but you don’t want to do it in your real life.

Another example could be that if you are planning to leave your job and you want to do it in your dream.

Then you might try to do it, but you cannot. In the same case “dream forbidden” means that you will surely fail. You may also see it as “dream forbidden” if you know that something bad will happen in your life, but you still try anyway.

Understanding Dreams – What Are Dreams?

Many people have the question in their minds as to what a dream is; some will say it’s nothing while others will say that a man experiences a dream when he is sleeping.

The truth of the matter is that a man experiences a dream just as any other person can.

A dream is what a man experiences during sleep at night, the reason for this is because we all have out dreams, we wake up and remember them but our bodies just forget about them.

During sleep we are aware that we’re awake, although you might not be aware of this but we actually are awake and the only difference is that we have a conscious mind which does not allow us to fall asleep.

When we go to sleep we do everything consciously so we have no control over anything whatsoever.

So the question remains, how long does a dream last, some people have said that a dream is only as long as your sleeping lifetime, if they are able to remember their dream then the memory stays with them, this means that if you die then you will never have another dream because your brain will just erase it.

But the thing is, most people don’t have a lot of extra time so a dream is really nothing more than a flash in the pan, you might have had a lot of great experiences during your life but they probably will not come back to you so instead you will experience a new flash every day.

A dream is something that you experience while you are awake but not while you are sleeping, so if you were to ask someone who has never had a dream what a dream is they would not be able to give you a straight answer.

A dream is that which we imagine, what we see, hear, smell and touch, it’s something that we enjoy imagining and sometimes doing.

A dream is what a man experiences during his sleep, this is because when a man goes to bed he is in a state of complete relaxation, his body is in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep and this is the stage where most dreams occur.

A dream is a fragment of our imagination that stays with us till we wake but this does not mean that it is all bad, if you look at the things that man uses in his life to deal with stress then you can probably see some evidence of a dreaming process in there.

It’s just that most people don’t understand that a dream is merely a part of the larger whole of our lives and if we understand how to manage this part then it can be positive.

A dream is what a man experiences during his sleep, a memory that will stay with him through the rest of his life if he allows it too.

What Dreams Mean and Why Do They Come to Our Minds in Lucid Dreaming?

It has often been said that we come to the world to enjoy life, and then we have to go back and learn lessons in life. In the case of lucid dreaming, this is very true.

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The most important lesson for us to learn here is that we should not try to force anything that does not come our way.

If it is a test or something else that we have to do then we should not feel guilty or afraid that we will not be able to make something work out.

In short, we should submit to Allah (as He is the One Who knows best and commands all things) and believe that He will bring us what we are seeking for, whatever that may be.

Many individuals are under the impression that they are going to be put to death if they are to be revived while they are dreaming, but that is just one of the many misconceptions people have about dreams.

People need to realize that dreams are not the place where we will learn lessons or have training to complete some sort of task.

What we actually do in a dream is have a conversation with Allah (and yes, it is the One Who knows best and commands all things) and it’s up to us to either listen or not listen to what He wants us to do.

If we hear and obey, then that is what will happen in our lives, but if we ignore or block out what Allah wants, then that will not happen either.

It is as simple as that.

This also goes for those who have a lot of fear or anxiety in their life, and there is nothing wrong with them having a peaceful night’s sleep while thinking about those fears.

As mentioned before, we have to see the dreams as a gift from Allah.

This means that we must be patient and not get too worked up or upset about what might happen while we are sleeping.

This could cause us to have problems with those dreams later on in life.

If we see negative sides of those dreams or thoughts, then we will not be able to deal with such situations when they come upon us in real life.

So, it’s important to note that we should not worry or get worked up over the dreams, but rather, look at them for what they are and only then should we start worrying about them.

Some Lucid Dream In Islam Advice

Worship is about spending your time for God, showing him how much you love him and putting him first in everything you do.

When you are in Worship you must be complete to your god and always be humble and thankful to him.

And, you must never take anything for granted and must always be honest and always be thankful.

You must always give to charities and you must always help and assist people who are poor and unfortunate.

And, if you are rich then you must give to charity and help those who are poor and unfortunate as well.

Worship is all about feeling great about yourself and being confident, and when you are in Worship you must feel like you are walking into a temple or a building dedicated to God and you must be one hundred percent dedicated to him.

If you can do these things then you will be able to have a lucid dream in islam, because you will be following all the guidelines and laws of islam.

So, now you should try these things and I am sure that you will be a better person and you will be a better Muslim.

So, are you still having a lucid dream in islam?

If you want to be successful then you should always follow the guidelines and laws of Islam.

And Sometimes The Dreams Come From The Shayaateen Devils Toying With Sleeper

Some say that we are all dreaming, but I think there is a difference.

I don’t believe in witches as these crafty women practice black magic which brings curses to the victim and they work upon the person with spells and incantations.

Some call it ‘nightmare’.

But if the dreams or the nightmares come from your conscience then it is not a nightmare at all.

And sometimes the dreams come from the shayaateen devils toying with your sleep, trying to make sleeper jockey for their own nefarious purposes…but you always wake up in the morning without a trace of nightmare.

Some say, they come out of nowhere.

But it could have happened on a previous occasion when you were sleeping peacefully under your duvet.

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And that could have been a dream, too. And once you realize that it’s not real and the evil spirit is not making any mischief, you will find peace.

But sometimes you won’t, and that’s when you start feeling real bad about yourself, and you start having a nightmare.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just ignore the nightmare, especially if you have tried all your other remedies and it doesn’t work.

If it keeps recurring, you might want to see a doctor because sometimes it is a sign of an underlying disease or condition.

Or it could be that you are suffering from a sinus problem, in which case antibiotics may cure your insomnia.

If it’s only a one time problem though, you can probably live with it and hope it passes and soon the nightmare will be a thing of the past.

Turning a Persons Dream Into a Reality

I’m sure that each and every one of us has at some point in our lives dreamed of having a large mansion in the woods, driving around in a fancy car, or even being the CEO of a major company.

Sadly, the majority of those dreams never come to fruition, but instead become something that we hope for, or wish for.

But how does one make their dream a reality? In this article, we are going to talk about how you can get started on creating your dream, and turn it into a reality.

Sometimes a persons dream may be so clear and logical that it’s almost as if it’s already happened.

And sometimes they may be so far away from becoming a reality that it may seem that they haven’t even made it to the dream yet.

Either way, if you are one of the thousands of people who have no idea about what their dream could possibly look like, it is time that you do something about it. You have nothing to lose, and years to gain!

So just what do you need to do in order to get started on making your dreams become a reality?

First, you need to dream more.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become obsessed with your dreams, because ultimately this will just cause stress and frustration for yourself and everyone else involved.

Dreaming more often will allow you to see your dream in a whole new light, giving it a deeper meaning and making it seem like it may actually become a reality.

Sleep is Apparatuses For Life

Sleep is a time for resting, thinking and reflecting.

The way the Muslims used to describe sleep is similar to the way we sleep. It is also a time when our mind and body learn to reorganize ourselves and get ready for the next day’s activities.

When our mind and body are not tired and drained from a long day’s work, we will be able to solve problems properly and solve problems which could have been solved wrong during the day.

sleep is akin to death and sleep is called mawt death in the Quran and Sunnah

We have to understand that sleep is not something that we should be deprived of.

The scholars say that sleep is required for the growth and development of our life.

Sleeping is like a break from the day’s toil, and it allows us to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves so that we can face another day with more enthusiasm.

Without sleep, there is no chance of doing our work properly, and we cannot live a healthy life.

It is in fact suggested that one should sleep eight to nine hours every night so that when we wake up, our physical bodies are well prepared for the day ahead.

We have to remember that sleep is life. Without sleep, we are like a person who does not know what day has dawned yet.

When the body is deprived of sleep, it experiences fatigue and weakness. This will lead to sickness, disease and even death.

The Concept of Lucid Dreaming Is When An Individual Can Control Their Dreams

The concept of lucid dreaming is when an individual is capable of controlling a dream state.

In this state they are able to control their actions in the dream world and can decide which aspects of the dream are real, and which are not.

They are able to have complete control over their dream state, and will be able to make decisions that will affect the future of the dream.

The majority of the people are unaware of this amazing ability, and will go through their lives without ever using this state to its full potential.

If you know someone who has had some experience with lucid dreaming, it can be extremely beneficial for them to train themselves to lucid dream, as it can drastically improve their life.

The concept of lucid dreaming is when an individual capable of controlling

One of the biggest benefits that an individual can receive from dreaming is the ability to influence their future.

If you take someone who has not had any experience with this, and allow them to have some control over their dreams, they can learn how to use this power to create different outcomes in their lives.

This is a very useful skill to possess, as it can greatly impact the lives of people that surround you.

This concept is much more beneficial than simply wishing something bad would happen in your life, as you will be able to create whatever outcome you wish.

The other benefit of lucid dreaming is learning how to control ones imagination.

This process allows an individual to create their own world, and many of the writers and artists that are successful are masters at creating their own futures through their minds.

The only thing left to do once an individual has mastered their imagination is to apply this technique in order to achieve any goal that they desire in life.

Without having this ability, most people will continue to live in the same negative state that they are in right now, and this will never change.

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