How to Write a Manifestation List


How to Write a Manifestation List
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How to Write a Manifestation List

how to write a manifestation list

A manifestation list is a document that you can create for your personal use. You can write down a list of goals you want to achieve in your life, and you can also include affirmations or prayers that are designed to help you manifest your desires. This is the perfect way to make sure you stay on track with your goals and dreams.

Manifestation is one of the easiest ways to rid yourself of negative energy and develop a positive mindset.

The great thing about manifestation is that if you keep a positive focus on your physical space and future self, you can achieve a specific goal.

How do I write out my manifestations?

Writing manifestations can be a powerful tool that you can use to attract what you want into your life. There are a few simple steps that you can follow to make the process easier.

First, you need to visualize what you are wanting. This can be done by putting together a vision board or collage. You can also write out your goal in a journal and allow your imagination to guide you.

After you have made your list, you can take a few moments to breathe and reflect. If you feel your emotions are too high, then you may need to slow down or even stop writing. Then you can resume your work when you are ready.

Next, you can start to imagine the feelings and surroundings you are hoping to have. Your thoughts need to be positive and in line with the vibration you are seeking. For example, if you are aiming for a better job, you might think about how much you would enjoy working in a new environment or with a new team.

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Some manifestation examples to get started:

  • If you are hitting a block when you write down what you want to manifest, these ideas might help prompt something.
  • Buy your own home meet your person get a dream job buy a new car move across the world get a puppy make new friends.
  • Write down any of the things that you want in life.

Benefits of manifestation lists

In comparison to what you find online, disadvantages only occur for the most part. A LoA buzzword may sound impressive, but it can be difficult if understood in terms of actionable measures. However, I hope the following information helps you in identifying practical activities that will actually help your life. Besides the aforementioned benefits, the following sites use many LoA buzz terms which sound impressive, but are actually very vague phrases which are extremely difficult to digest and implement. This step by step guide covers much of the traditional manifestation method with scientific hints for legitimately useful actions.

Choose a specific end goal

Once your list has priority you can start with the first thing on the list and then proceed very detail-wise. So you can focus on the goals you want and have an effective attitude to accomplish the tasks you are going to accomplish. Rather than improving health, try hitting the gym four times a week and drinking at the weekends. A lot more language will be more closely related to psychology than toward manifestation and LoA. Taking this into consideration. Be precise with the goals in mind. We tend to avoid dream-related fantasies and instead focus upon intent and the desire for it in general. Having goals you are actively looking towards.

Prioritise Your Manifestation List

Once you have made a list of all your items, you can then assess what was in that list. We don’t have to wait for everything to arrive at once and it only takes a few steps to make some improvements. Observe all your notes and prioritize them. Make it your goal to create a dream. Nevertheless, be realistic. Make a list. When undergoing such complex processes, you should breathe deeply to center yourself. Please be patient.. Give yourself an opportunity to consider which is the best way to go about living. List some important aspects of happiness? Are you healthy? Is there any soulmate?

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Take action

Probably the most crucial step. You will typically use the manifestation techniques that focus on surrender and align with the energy of a desire as well as on accepting the manifested thing. It is useless. Is the list missing? Is it true? Tell me the way the reality is? That was exactly what I was saying in my last blog when I spoke about fluffy manifested terms that can’t be incorporated into actionable actions. The end result is useless. Those ‘helps’ telling us what to do are useless and wishless without any real merit.

Create positive affirmations

Instead of believing this process requires faith in something based solely on logic, I propose a solution that works. Authentication must be interpreted correctly. It’s less an actionable task, but an effective approach for overcoming negative emotions and selftalk. Affirmations help you stay motivated to achieve the end-goal. Sometimes we get a bit demoralised and disappointed when something looks impossible or distant.

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Practice your affirmations

After you have made an array of positive affirmations, practise regularly. Your mind becomes better in general. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate affirmations into daily routines, such as when you shower and drive. Or maybe it’s your routine. Over several weeks your affirmation will begin working magic within your mind. When the changes happen, you can notice negative thinking replaced with good thinking.

Brainstorm your desires

When you think that you have a great desire to manifest it must begin by finding them. Just take note of the small things you’re imagining. It can be as simple or as long as it takes. Do a quick analysis of what’s not working out and write them down as another column. You may create a vision board or write a list of manifestations so you can reference that later or add to this one.

Set small goals and write them down

It is vital that once you’ve identified a goal, you set some mini goals for that purpose. Setting goals is the key. These must be SMART: This is to make it easy for you to set and follow goals based on these acronyms. Research reveals the link between goals and successful outcomes. In this case health improvement is not the SMART goal, but it is an alternate goal.

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Picture what you want to manifest

Writing a manifestation list is a first step in thinking about the things that will manifest. You need to think what you need to do in this manifestation process. Tell me the purpose of your career? Tell me the best goal you could achieve? Taking into account your goals in a very specific way. Imagine how you could get here and reach the desired goal. Tell me about the feeling. How do people look at their faces? It will help set your manifestation process up. There’ll be a lot to learn about the purpose you want to achieve. Let it go and believe in the result and you’ll get it.

How do I make a Manifestation List?

There can never be any good method of creating a manifesto list. You need a plan of action that will attract you. Obviously, it is important to remember some important factors on your list so that it works as well. How do we create manifestation lists of the dreams we want? – Be specific : The more specific your idea of your desire, the higher your satisfaction. How does love manifest? Are there texts on your phone? And maybe manifest a bigger amount of money! Possibly you want to shed weight or create another house. All kinds of opportunities exist!

Be open to receiving your desires

Let me take a final moment and accept my wishes. So it’s important that you get what you want. You may make room to build your own car, or you may even notify the person you’re working for in the future if you have a different job. Be open to possibilities and realize it can happen. Write a manifestation list is a good way of focusing what you want in life. Keep thoughts positive and set specific goals. Get started by making steps in the correct direction and letting the desired outcome happen to you.

Does Manifestation really work?

I’m assuming that this isn’t scientific research. LoA manifests nothing. But in truth, some really important elements are definitely worth looking into. Is that why we started spiritual blogs? Recently Google seized the YMYL site. The company reportedly felt the information was being put out there as a potential fraudulent activity. It’s possible to manifest any desire by simply saying something. However, although websites that discuss manifestation aren’t dangerous for your health I believe they can cause serious problems in the long run.

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How do I create a manifestation list that works?

Writing a manifesto list is an efficient way to achieve your goals. When we focus our attention on the things we want, we can literally put our desire into the universe. The clearer the goal, the easier. Tell me a definition of manifestation? Simple: a drawing. A manifestation list will make sure you’re feeling better. Whenever I get good I get good things to do! Tell me the meaning of manifestations? Are there sins manifesting? Are the manifestations harmful to us? Is a man able to show up to another person?

Take action towards your goals

To achieve a successful goal, you have to act on your goals. So you have to make the necessary changes that will aid you in achieving your goal. You can also send resumes to employers, interview and network for new jobs. Getting an automobile can make a lot of money. Manifestation lists work, but a lot more than writing them. It’s logical for everyone to follow the right steps to accomplish the desired goals. You are sending the message that your desires and goals are true.

Read Your Manifestation List Daily

When you have the manifestation list you should always read it daily. This helps you concentrate on your goal. The manifestation process can give you a useful way to learn the powerful tool. Besides affirmation it is possible to write positive words. By reading our lists, we can make our dreams real with our own hands. If you want a more complete and accurate list, just read them in your head. You must focus on the positive feeling you will feel once you reach your goal.


A lot of people feel the need to make purchases of a separate journal for their dream log manifestation, but this is not necessary.

Why Do People Practice Manifestation?

People practice manifestation for a variety of reasons. Some people use it to attract more money, others use it to find their dream job or soul mate. Others use it to manifest better health or a more positive outlook on life.

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and emotions; positive feelings and emotions, in turn, tend to generate a positive outcome.

Let go of any doubts or negative thoughts about achieving your goals.

Any manifestation practice takes time and energy from your inner self, but it pays off!

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What is a manifestation journal?

For true manifesters the manifest journal is built around the laws of attraction. It sounds like wishful thinking rather than action. It takes no faith to have your manifestation journal published. Instead consider this to be the way to practice future-minded thought and teach your brain to visualize your desired future. The visualisation process is well supported by the science and the same applies in journals. Getting started with your manifestation journals helps.

Once you get the hang of it, though, creating your own manifestation list can be a fun and easy process.

How Does Manifestation Work?

Manifestation works by aligning your thoughts and emotions with what you want to attract.

The Classic Manifestation Goal List

These are the most common types of manifestation lists, in which you write down the goals that have already been achieved. This example of manifestation lists is my gift. Please download our free manifesto journal template here. This document can be printed on the computer or an electronic manifestation list.

12 manifestation journal ideas with examples

( If you need ideas, you can always research manifestation list examples and manifestation journal examples for inspiration! )

How do we write manifestos journals? This can vary depending upon the method. Here are the basics about journaling. This article lists common types of writing and examples of writing a manifestation journal.

These are manifestation list ideas from myself.

Surrender statements

This exercise is meant for relaxation and trust. It should happen. The manifesters might view it as accepting your own fate and accepting the possibility that the chip will drop wherever they want in life. However, it combines self-compassion with self-sacrifice. You accept your existence. You understand that you should manage stress in order not to become too overwhelmed. Write out the things that cause your stress. Use this loci of control exercise to explain everything that is on our mind. It is possible to control what is not. You forgive yourself that you aren’t able to control everything else in life. Examples.

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The 369 method

It resembles the 5-x5 method. If you write affirmations a couple times a day instead, make them repeated for the first two days. For example: Repeat “I can start a profitable business in January” in the intervals above. The 369 and 5-x55 method use the concept of power in numerology. I like this stuff. This method relies on repeated practice as a method aimed at guiding the focus and the brain. There’s no need to count numbers, but repeated thoughts may stay in your mind for a day.

Future scripting

Future writing consists of writing one’s dream life in the present tense. Tell me the best way to accomplish what you want? Lists the tasks of the day. I have dreams. Imagine your business growth when you begin the process and imagine the possibilities. It was my third meeting today with my management team, whose focus is on growth.

Letting go of limiting beliefs

Write down what you think about things such as relationships, finances etc, then eliminate the one that holds you back. Let go of limiting beliefs can make the process easier to achieve. What are the reasons the two are crossed in the manifestation journal? That belief only keeps us from working. Recognize them and then remove them.

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Gratitude journal

This process includes making and posting an appreciation letter. Whenever someone appreciates what they are getting, their point of view shifts into something positive. Showing gratitude is an important manifest journaling technique. Examples: Thank you to the manager for encouraging me to grow.

Romantic manifestations

List the best parts of your relationship that you liked most in your life. Imagine the possibilities of combining with one another as a potential romance mate with better compatibility. Let’s see what my former partners had to say and what should they do to help their future partners.


Daily intentions

Each day, take a note of what you are going to achieve today. You should be ready to move on 24h. I’ll speak out at a budget conference tomorrow. I can’t wait for a positive feedback to happen and share my thoughts with my colleagues instead of waiting for a positive feedback.”


Pay attention to the little details – It’s meaning. It gives you hope that the universe will follow you. In fact, my whole team looks for me today”. You’ve made it look like everything else is in the universe for you. Why is it difficult to assign meaning to the relationship?

The 5×55 method

In this example the intention is emailed five times daily for five days. So you can dream of a reality instead of an elusive future. Example: Write “I’ll become an administrator next year.”

Evening reflections

This is about maintaining emotional wellbeing at bedtime. Put worries on a paper. Embrace positive energy while sleeping. Among other things, he wrote:

Manifestation journal prompts

The writing prompt will be used to write a different journal entry. Many of the sites can be viewed on the Web. Let us take some examples.

Positive affirmations

In the journal, keep positive thoughts in mind. Examples are:

How do you write manifestation affirmations example

A manifestation affirmation is a brief positive statement that sends positive energy to your subconscious mind. You can use this technique daily to manifest your desires. The key is to believe what you are saying.

Manifestation affirmations are often written in the present tense, which tricks the brain into accepting what you want as real. It also helps to write positive statements that evoke an emotion.

How do you start a manifesting script?

If you’re looking to manifest something, you may want to start a manifesting script. This method uses visualization to bring your dream into reality. It can help you set your mood and focus on your goals.

To start a manifesting script, you first need to decide what you want to achieve. Write it down in a journal, or on a piece of paper. You should write it in the present tense and express the feelings you have about what you want.

When you are writing the script, focus on positive emotions. Gratitude is a high vibrational emotion that can raise the energy of your script. Using gratitude as the end of your script helps you align your vibration with the creative forces of the universe.

What is 333 method?

333 method for manifestation is a powerful technique which is said to help you attract the things that you want. The technique can be used for almost anything, from health to money. It helps you concentrate and take action to achieve your goals.

When you use a manifestation method, you should break your goals into smaller steps. This can be done by writing them down on paper. You should then track your progress regularly. As you achieve the smaller goals, you can work up to bigger ones. If you are new to the process, you may want to start with small goals.

When you decide to use a 333 method for manifestation, you should make sure to write down the affirmations that you are using. Affirmations work best when they are linked with positive moods and pleasurable feelings. They can also be repeated in the present tense to increase your chance of achieving your goals.

Using a 333 technique for manifestation is important because it helps you focus and act on your desired goal. Often, people will use a visualization technique when they are trying to manifest something. Visualization is a powerful technique because it can direct your affirmation as though it has already been accomplished.

What is 369 manifestation technique?

The 369 Manifestation Technique is one of the most powerful tools in the Law of Attraction. This technique works in tandem with numerology and can help you to manifest anything you desire.

The technique is very simple to use. To begin, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen and a blank journal. You then need to write a positive affirmation three times in the morning and six times in the afternoon. Afterward, you should feel a sense of alignment with your desired outcome.

It is a very popular technique used by many people. Thousands of people have used it to manifest their desires. However, it can take months to see results.

You must be committed and determined to achieve your dreams. It is best to start a daily affirmation ritual that can last for several weeks. If you have trouble focusing on your desire, you should try a manifestation method that uses visualization. Visualization helps you channel your affirmation as if it has already come true.

While the 369 Manifestation Technique is easy to use, it may not be as easy to understand. That is because it involves your subconscious mind.

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