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People born under Pisces have a keen sensitivity and a vivid imagination. The planet Neptune makes them very good at expressing themselves through symbols and are extremely sensitive. This empathetic nature makes them great dancers. Cancer, a fellow water sign, is ruled by Neptune. It’s no wonder that Pisces are such excellent dancers.


Jupiter in Pisces

The next few months will bring rewards for those born under the sign of Pisces. Whether you have been working hard, have good judgment and a great sense of style, or you’ve simply worked harder than usual – the rewards are about to come your way. As a Piscean, it may help to seek advice from qualified experts. Mars is currently in Pisces until May 24, which brings powerful energy and presence.

The New Moon in Pisces on June 28 will be particularly exciting. If you’re trying to conceive, the new moon will encourage a more artistic expression. You might find yourself spending more time with the children in your life, as Cancer rules family and especially infants and babies. You might plan a blended vacation with your family and friends. Your creativity and originality will come in handy.

In the coming months, Jupiter will contact Mercury in the friendliest way at the full moon on June 14. During this time, news about family or property should be positive. The Mercury in Pisces rules the fourth house of career and home, so your news and activities will come in a positive manner. Mercury will also bring you opportunities to communicate, negotiate, travel, and work on publishing projects.

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The new moon in Pisces on July 28 will align the energies of the sign with another person. Jupiter in Aries is in a friendly aspect to the Leo new moon, suggesting a commitment. This combination is conducive to high-tech or emerging industries. There are other benefits of Jupiter in Pisces as well. It’s a great time to get a head start on your projects, whether that’s a career or an entrepreneurial venture.

During 2021, the sign of Taurus spent much of its time unsure of its identity and self worth. The year of 2022 will be filled with a new sense of strength, independence, and self-assurance. The future will offer new opportunities. The past decade was a year of ups and downs, but the present year will be a year of abundance for Taurus.

Mars opposes Uranus

The May 15 lunar eclipse brings Uranus in wide opposition to the eleventh house of wishes and hopes. This aspect could bring up a surprising health issue. It’s a good time to see your doctor. You might want to get your annual physical or have a screening. Having a dental checkup now could also help you deal with unexpected health issues that come up.

This is an important aspect for a Pisces, because Mars rules the sign and is the ruling planet. Aries is very creative and may wish to explore new avenues. But while Mars’s influence can help them reach their goals, it also can make them nervous and cautious. Mars and Uranus are not compatible with each other. They work together in your chart.

The new moon in Gemini on May 30 will provide an opportunity to launch a project. You may receive a favor from Pluto in your financial eighth house. Mars will also still be in close proximity to Jupiter. This means you may feel a bit uneasy about launching a new project. Mars will be in a favorable position to assist with your eclipsed Sun and Moon.

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On June 14, Neptune will be in a harsh square to the full moon and the Sun. Pisces rules the family, and Neptune can make things seem better than they really are. You may need to be wary of an offer because it is backed by Neptune, the planet of illusion. However, Mars’ opposition to Uranus in Susan Miller’s horoscopes should not have any adverse consequences.

Pluto in Capricorn

In her horoscopes, Susan Miller predicted that the year ahead would be the best year of her life. Whether she was right or not, her horoscopes are a great source of insight. Here are some things she said about herself during her time with Pluto in Capricorn. The fifth house rules children and conception, so she could be contemplating an unexpected pregnancy or a situation with a child. Likewise, her creative project could be in a period of difficulties.

The love life of a Pisces can be exciting, though she might be wary of commitment. Look for a partner who enjoys travel. This year, the full moon in Pisces brings opportunities for making a name for herself. However, she should be selective with the people she loves. On the other hand, the month of March may be a time to look for love.

Venus in Pisces rules non-verbal communication

In horoscopes by Susan Miller, Venus in Pisces rules non-verbally communicated feelings. During her retrograde phase, this planet can cause problems in romantic relationships. In addition to influencing verbal communication, Venus in Pisces rules the left calf. Susan Miller was hospitalized as a child for circulatory problems of the left leg. In addition, her mother, who loved astrology, constrained Venus through a tight opposition to Saturn. However, this constrictions eventually came to fruition for Susan Miller, who learned how to use astrology to help her understand the world around her.

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Likewise, Venus rules non-verbal communication, which is also ruled by the sign Libra. This air-ruled sign is analytical and has a strong desire for fairness and harmony. She tends to have an affinity for the arts and will frequently attend events that celebrate art and culture. Although this sign values relationships and intimacy, it does not tolerate sexual experimentation.

As a Pisces, you are likely to feel sympathetic toward others. You may have a deep compassion for others, and a natural desire to help. Pisces is often generous, but never learned to say no. This quality makes Pisces vulnerable to exploitation, but it also attracts some people to your side. While some of your friends will take advantage of your caring nature, many will flock to her rescue.

While Pisces does not use words, it does possess a deep capacity for empathy. She is highly intuitive, and can often read other people’s emotions by the way they express themselves. She has a big heart and big expressive eyes. In fact, she is the most empathic sign – she can sense what others are thinking and even communicate it without words.