Dreaming of Falling Into Water in Dreams : 25 Meanings

Dreaming of Falling Into Water in Dreams

Dreaming of Falling Into Water in Dreams : 25 Meanings Falling into water can be a dangerous situation. A dream about falling into water can represent an injury or accident. It may also represent suffering or disease, or a feeling of helplessness. If you dream about falling into water, it may symbolize a feeling of … Read more

Is Lucid Dreaming Haram?

Is Lucid Dreaming Haram

Scholars Forbidden to Call Erotic Lucid Dreams and Ideas ‘Un permissible’ – Guidelines to Academic Freedom in Islamic Law This is because Lucid Dreaming on the depiction of erotic and suggestive imagery and words, as well as scenes involving rape, but Muslim scholars say that a distinction should be made between what is halal (lawful) … Read more

11 Reasons Why Melatonin Help With Lucid Dreaming

Melatonin Help With Lucid Dreaming

Do Extra Melatonin Leads to More Lucid Vivid Dreams? A new study found that melatonin may play a role in helping you have better quality sleep. The study was performed at the Sleep Research and Clinical Centre of South Australia. The centre is one of many clinical research centres in Australia focusing on sleep disorders, … Read more

Can You Sleep Walk While Lucid Dreaming?

sleep walking

Sleep Walking – Causes and Treatment of Sleepwalking Sleepwalking is an odd sleep disorder in which sufferers are unable to wake up from their sleep without the assistance of another person. Some sleepwalkers do not even realise that they are sleeping or that they are not awake when they are trying to leave their sleepwalking … Read more

Is Lucid Dreaming A Sin?

Is Lucid Dreaming A Sin

Lucid Dreaming – Why Lucid dreaming is Not a Sin Lucid dreaming itself is not a sin, nor is it something that can be punished. It all comes down to learning how to relax enough to let yourself experience the dreaming process, then taking further steps to becoming aware in your dreams. In order to … Read more