Are Pisces Manipulative?


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are pisces manipulative

Are Pisces manipulative? Pisces are supposed to be intuitive, but they really aren’t. Pisces are not sensitive, and they don’t care about your feelings. They’ll be jerks and make you walk on eggshells all the time, and they’re moody. They may not realize it, but they’re extremely moody, and they can manipulate others around them.



A Sagittarius and a Pisces are often the same person. While they both are strong and intelligent, they also have a tendency to manipulate others. Their manipulative behaviors are often justified by saying that it’s for the greater good, or that they have no other choices. They might lie by saying that something is bad when it really isn’t. They might also use a victim card to make things look worse than they actually are.

When a seven is trying to manipulate you, be very careful. While they’re not malicious, they are also prone to using kindness against you. Pisces tends to use innocent behavior against you, and you shouldn’t buy into it. If you’re a Libra, you’ll probably be able to read them right away, and they’ll give you a small smile when they think you’re trying to manipulate them.

Sagittarius people are also often very observant. They’re quick to remember details and understand things most people don’t. Their keen eyesight allows them to read body language and bad vibes. If you’re a Sagittarius, the first time you are manipulated, you’ll likely be able to see right through the manipulation. But, after that, you’ll probably be too late.


It’s not difficult to see why Virgo and Pisces are the most manipulative signs. For starters, they are perfectionists. They want everything done perfectly, and they’re not going to let you get away with anything less. Virgos will also use subtle hints and vague references to manipulate you. They also lack empathy, and are cold and calculating in nature. But don’t let that fool you. These two signs aren’t always as manipulative as they seem.

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While both signs have their fair share of manipulation, Virgo is more likely to give in to manipulation. Pisces loves helping people, and will always try to help when possible. However, if they feel like they’re being abused, they may realize it and stop giving you rides, or even worse, let you go. Even if they don’t want to, they’ll still allow you to be in their life if it means a lot to someone else.

In addition to being manipulative, Pisces can also be prone to ghosting people. They’ll often answer your messages quickly, but they’ll disappear for a while. They’ll do this if they feel desperate or don’t realize they’re being taken advantage of. Similarly, Libra will often try to make you feel innocent, even if they’re being incredibly deceptive.


Pisces and Capricorn are both very capable of making others feel dumb. However, their manipulative ways go deeper than that. Capricorns can make others feel stupid by making them appear ignorant, which weakens their confidence. Meanwhile, Leos minimize their actions by acting innocent and confident, which can lead to control. These traits are not beneficial for self-respecting, strong-willed individuals.

While Capricorns are typically good people, they can be very manipulative. Capricorns can be ruthless, especially when they feel inferior. Because they are earth signs, they tend to be looked down on, which is one reason why they may use unorthodox methods to get ahead. But it is important to realize that Capricorns have other attributes that will set them apart. Pisces people often make others feel stupid when they are trying to gain their attention.

People born under the moon sign of Cancer are very sentimental and emotional. They have a natural ability to manipulate others. They will use that trait to their advantage. They will treat their loved ones as if they were completely indebted to them. This will only further their ambition. Besides being emotionally manipulative, Cancers are also extremely persuasive. These traits make them great leaders. However, they can also be dangerous.

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The characteristics of both Leo and Pisces make them both highly manipulative. Both Leos and Pisces are self-centered and crave attention. To maintain their control, they are adept at manipulating others. They have a tendency to “guilt-trip” people, telling them they can do something on their own if they are genuinely concerned about the outcome. Leos also are incredibly confident and possess big egos. If they feel they cannot do something, they will use their words to cover up their bad behavior.

Leos and Pisces are loyal and want to help other people, but they can be very manipulative if they are not careful. Though Pisces is typically self-sacrificing, they can overplay their “good” side and use their position as a “good” person to manipulate people and get what they want. They may do this to gain a foothold in a relationship, but they will likely be the last to know that they’re doing something wrong.

These signs are also extremely loyal and love the idea of a family and home. However, they don’t easily become manipulated. They need to trust a person before they allow them to get close. This means that it takes at least five years to get this person to trust you. Even if they do get close to you, they will only do so if you let them. This is a trait that requires time and patience.

Taurus men

When a Taurus man is feeling threatened, he will display a heightened level of jealousy. In addition to being suspicious of what you do and who you associate with, he may act jealously and become violent. If you are suspicious of his motives, he will turn sour and suspect you of flirting, spying, or other outside interests. This behavior may be a sign of a deeper problem.

A Taurus man will take note of all your details, including the favorite breakfast food, the next big work event, your siblings, and your favorite Mario Kart character. While he may not require physical intimacy, he is likely to remember your name and likes. And when he shows you affection, he will treat you with a sense of appreciation. This level of reassurance is invaluable when it comes to relationships with Taurus men.

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While Taurus men are very independent, they can be manipulative if you try to take away their autonomy. They can even end your relationship if you try to force them into uncomfortable situations. You have to be patient with them, and try to understand their underlying emotions and feelings. This way, you can build a strong foundation for your relationship with him. This way, he won’t feel threatened in the future.

Pisces women

If you’re a man who’s dating a Pisces woman, there are a few things you should know about her. Her manipulative behavior is rooted in her limited judgment and tendency to be pulled in two directions. While Pisces are liberal in their overall lives, they can be easily dominated by others. Pisces are also overly generous in their lives. Their need to help others in times of distress is often their undoing.

To get the most out of a Pisces, make sure you make it a point to show your interest in her. Pisces are romantic types and love to receive compliments. But they can also be manipulative and sly, so keep this in mind when approaching a Pisces. She’ll probably want to know that you really care about her. So give her thoughtful gifts. She’ll appreciate it.

A Pisces is a mutable sign, but she isn’t as lenient as other zodiac signs. Despite their inherent sensitivity, they aren’t very adaptable, and they struggle with change. This isn’t like Tigger from the Winnie The Pooh book. The Pisces tends to take things seriously, so be ready to face problems and analyze them.