Are Life Path 7 And 8 Compatible?


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Are Life Path 7 And 8 Compatible
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The Compatibility Between Life Path 7 and 8

The Compatibility between Life Path 7 and 8 is not very good. The first sign that indicates a relationship between these two is a lack of emotional compatibility. While they can enjoy physical intimacy, they may not be able to develop strong emotional bonds. This is because their personalities are so different. The eight is outgoing and wants to be in charge of everything, while the seven is more reserved and wants to stay out of the public eye. The two don’t like to be ruled by others and prioritize their freedom and independence.

The first sign that suggests that these two are not compatible is their contrasting values and attitudes. Those with life paths 7 are passionate and want material things, while those with life paths 8 are emotionally and intellectually inclined. These two can be quite incompatible, so they are best avoided. They may be great friends, but there’s no spark for a relationship. These types of people are unlikely to find love or be in a committed relationship.

7th life path number

People with the 7th life path number are analytical, independent, and a highly sensitive individual. They enjoy a life of solitude and intellectual exploration, and do not thrive in the spotlight. Though both Life Path 7 and 8 have their own strengths, they are not necessarily compatible with each other. The combination of their strength will likely result in frequent disagreements and verbal squabbles. This is especially true if both people have the 7th life path number.

People born with the 7th life path number are unlikely to marry or stay in a committed relationship for very long. Their need for independence and difficulty opening up can make them less compatible with long-term relationships. This personality type may struggle to maintain a healthy balance in relationships, as long as they are communicating with each other and spending time together. Therefore, people born with the 7th life path number should consider their partner’s personality before dating them.

Life path number 7 soulmate

A seven soulmate is someone with a deep desire to find an answer to an unanswered question. They are intelligent, curious and take rigorous steps to resolve a problem. They are often alone and need time for themselves, so a partner who is also an introvert is the best choice. Their need for solitude means that they will not find a soulmate easily. Therefore, they must be someone who is a little mysterious.

A seven soulmate is a truth seeker, a spiritualist, and highly intellectual. Their relationship is likely to be intellectual rather than emotional. If they share a life path number, the first one is more likely to inspire the 7’s reasoning and inner strength. Life path number 7 and life path 2 are also compatible, as both have a strong desire to broaden their minds. A seven soulmate will most likely be interested in the other’s philosophy.

The number seven soulmate is often a good match for a Libran. This number is associated with inner peace and success. It also represents trusting yourself and your intuition. If you have the number seven in your chart, this is the perfect time to open your mind to positive energy. So, if you’re interested in finding your soul mate, don’t hesitate. Your soulmate is waiting to meet you.

Numerology 7 and 2 compatibility

When it comes to numerology compatibility, the numbers 7 and 2 may seem polar opposites, but there are some key differences between the two. The former is a reservist, while the latter is more outgoing. A good way to determine your compatibility is to look at your personality. The first thing to remember is that you should not expect to get along with your life path number. The two will have different personalities, and they are likely to have different motivations for working and socializing.

People born under the number 7 life path are not prone to romantic attraction. Their lives are usually filled with deep thinking, and they tend to live sedentary lifestyles. This also means that they don’t like to be around a lot of people. Instead, they prefer to spend their time alone, and focus on the logical flow of ideas. However, they do not get along with everyone. However, if you are a 7 and a 2 and are interested in each other’s unique qualities, you might want to check out the compatibility of the two numbers.

Life path numbers

Compatibility between Life Path numbers 7 and 8 can be tricky. Both have strong compatibility with one another, but some are better suited for each other than others. For instance, two people with the Life Path number 7 are likely to be good partners in their work, but they may not be as compatible romantically. When it comes to compatibility, numbers 7 and 8 are best matched if they are both highly intellectual and very private.

When it comes to compatibility between Life Path numbers, there are a few common rules that govern compatibility. First, you must understand what a number represents. Numbers of the same number are most compatible, especially if they are multiples of three. For example, if both people have the Life Path number 3, they are highly compatible. These types of numbers are characterized by being practical and humanitarian, while two-digit numbers are neutral and may have a neutral meaning.

Birth date

Are your Birth date and Life Path number seven and eight compatible? It’s not a common match, but the two do have some things in common. Both are high-energy, active, adventurous, and opinionated. The 7s bring more lightness, excitement, and daring to your life than the 8s. They also have a tendency to be more reserved. They may be incompatible if they’re not close enough.

Although your Soul Path Number 7 and 8 are highly compatible, this combination can be dangerous. Although you can build powerful ground and connect with many people, it’s important to be careful not to use your wealth for a selfish or unjust cause. You can become arrogant, unjust, and immoral if you try to use your wealth for the wrong things. Those with Life Path 7 and 8 aren’t always the best partners.

Own space

Life Path 7 and 8 are not a great match for a romantic relationship. While their physical chemistry is explosive, their personalities are very different. One tends to be outgoing while the other prefers to keep to themselves. Both seek freedom and independence in life. So, it might be a good idea to avoid putting them together. Read on to find out if these two personalities are compatible. But do keep in mind that compatibility can be difficult to achieve in the relationship.

Too much isolation

While the Life Paths 7 and 8 have a natural affinity for social situations, they also have an innate need for solitude and retreat. This is because they associate privacy with peace and value their privacy. This lack of social interaction can lead to feelings of loneliness and cynicism, and the lack of interaction can rob them of the perspective that social contact can provide. However, the opposite can also be true: too much isolation can cause 7s to develop cynicism and egocentricity.

The opposite is true for the opposite life path. People with Life Path 7 and 8 have the opposite set of values and can become quite difficult to get along with. A relationship between two people with Life Path 7 would be a difficult and short-lived one. Relationships between these two life paths are difficult and unlikely to last, but the personalities themselves are complementary. These two types of people may make wonderful friends, but they can’t get along well.

Spiritual world

If you are curious about whether your partner belongs to the Spiritual world, consider life path 7 and 8. These two are quite different, but have some similarities. Both of them are intellectual and passionate, but they will never get along. They will make great friends, but are unlikely to find love. This is because they do not share the same interests and values. So if you are on the 7 life path, you may find it difficult to attract a partner who belongs to the Spiritual world.

If you have life path number 7, it’s important to avoid the sentimental or materialistic aspects of the number. Numbers two and six are more likely to resonate with you. In addition, life path 7 and 8 are compatible with each other, which means that the number 7 will be easier for you to relate to. While they might not get along with everyone, they do get along well with life path numbers 4 and 9.

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The Compatibility between Life Path 7 and 8 can be difficult to determine. Although they have very different values, they are still very compatible with each other. While the first type prefers to socialize and enjoy their own company, the second type enjoys quiet solitude. Ultimately, the compatibility between these two types of people can prove to be very challenging. If you are looking for a mate that will last long and be emotionally stable, consider the following compatibility chart to make your relationship better.

Life Path 7/8 Relationship

People with a 7/8 life path have the Midas touch, an instinctive ability to manifest, and strong magnetism to attract material rewards. But while they are very powerful, they also lack the emotional sensitivity and connection of a 1 or a 6. A 7 needs to develop emotional courage, so they can open up and share their vulnerable and sensitive sides without becoming cold or unapproachable.

life path 7 and 8 This relationship often lacks emotion

A life path seven and an 8 relationship often has a rocky start. The 7 tends to complain about their own frustrations, and a 9 tends to avoid complaining because it can make them look harsh. A good way to resolve the issue is to use your intuition to sense other people’s emotional energies and react accordingly. While the 7 is an excellent lawyer and is great at asking the right questions, it can have trouble working with other people.

Life path 8s and 7s are often drawn to each other. Both are ambitious and have a flair for business. They complement each other well, but can be difficult to deal with. Their lack of patience can make them a challenge for each other, but the two can get along in spite of their differences. The energy they have for each other makes the relationship emotionally invigorating, if not draining.

People of Number 8 Are Ambitious, Materialistic, and Ambitious

People of number 8 are ambitious, materialistic, and ambitious. They seek wealth and influence, but their under-evolved energy prevents them from enjoying true joy and contentment. In contrast, the over-evolved 8 is prone to resentment, dissatisfaction, and lack of contentment, and will often avoid expressing these feelings. This self-centered energy can wreak havoc on the relationships of those with whom they interact.

The most balanced form of number 8 is 44. This energy is associated with power and abundance on the material plane. While money and time are important, the belief that ‘power must be cold and heartless’ has hampered growth and prosperity on Earth. As a result, the hierarchy of bullies and tyrants that rules the world is a product of this ideology. However, the balance between the two aspects is possible for people born under this number.

If you’re looking for a partner, or for a career, the 8 is a good choice. They are ambitious and have a strong desire to achieve success. But you should also consider their balancing act. This number is often at odds with others because they are too materialistic and greedy. As such, they may have to compromise between the two realms in order to achieve success in both. Despite this, people born under this number often enjoy the finer things in life, including the latest gadgets and the finest luxury. They may love jet-setting and five-star comfort.

People of Number 7

Those born with the number seven are highly intellectual and love to read. Though they are very generous in sharing their knowledge and intellect, they tend to be quite secretive people. The number 7 represents faith, wisdom, and trust. They are also searching for spiritual evolution and tend to be reticent, aloof, and tired. This type of person needs love, peace, understanding, compassion, and affection.

People of number 7 are spiritual meditative secretive and intelligent

The number 7 is a very deep energy. The energy behind this energy is a highly creative and innovative mind. Those with the number seven are extremely sensitive, intuitive, and creative. Their ability to hear the inner voice is extraordinary. Although they are sometimes considered loners and eccentric, the number 7 personality type is very smart, aloof, and independent. Those born with the number seven destiny are sensitive, intuitive, and wise.

The people born with the number seven are deeply spiritual, highly intuitive, and very secretive. Their deep-seated sense of intuition is the key to their success and evolution. Unlike those born with the number 8, they are very restless and don’t like noisy or crowded places. They are content and serene, and they will enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment. They are sensitive and discerning and are not interested in egocentrism or stupidity.

Numerology – Number 7 is Ruled by the Planet Neptune and Number 8 is Ruled by Saturn

In Numerology, number seven is ruled by the planet Neptune while number eight is ruled by the heavenly body Saturn. In western astrology, the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are the ruling planets, and they have their own associated numbers. For example, the twelfth house is ruled by strong Saturn, and the first house is governed by a water-ruled heavenly body. The other five houses are dominated by the other three, and the fifth house is ruled by the Sun.

The planets take different periods to circle the sun. Their periods are measured in years. The closer the planet is to the sun, the shorter its period is. The farther away the planet is, the longer its period. However, the further from the sun it is, the larger its force. The same is true for the numbers 7, and 8. Despite the differences in the names, the astrological world is dominated by the three Jupiters.

Planet Neptune is the ruling planet of number seven, while Saturn is the ruling planet of number eight. The sun rules the numbers seven through eight, while Jupiter rules number seven. The moon, the ring, and the crescent Moon are governed by Jupiter. The sun is the ruler of planet Neptune and the moon is ruled by planet Uranus. Both the sun and the moon are rocky and have different ices on their surfaces.

Life Path 7 And 8

Although there are similarities, there are many differences as well. For example, 7s and 8s have a very different sense of independence and need to have more freedom. They are also very similar when it comes to their needs and interests. Ideally, the life path of an 8 should respect the needs and interests of a 7, but sometimes they may shrug off advice and miss the opportunity.

Life Path 7 And 8 It is not an ideal relationship due to the incompatibility these two

Life Path 7 and 8 are not the most compatible. They are opposite in terms of their values. The 7 is materialistic and wants to be in charge while the other value intellectual pursuits and introspection. A relationship with an 8 is more likely to be philosophical than material, and a relationship with an 8 is likely to be short-lived and difficult. The relationship between a 7 and an 8, therefore, won’t be ideal.

The two life paths do not have much in common. The 7 is spiritual while the 8 is purely material and wants to be successful. While the 8 values social interaction and leadership, the 7 values knowledge and intellectual growth. While the two life paths complement one another in a way, they are not ideally compatible in terms of a romantic relationship. If you are one of these two, you’ll have to find someone who can share your values and help you develop your personality.

Marriage: The Life Path Number 8 Has to Understand the Number 7 Likes and Interests

The life path number 8 has to understand the needs of the number 7, but it also has to give this person attention. The 8 has a strong body and can be self-confident. However, it is not very social, and can be easily hurt. It is not a very good choice for a partner, but if it’s a match, it can be a great companion for someone who wants to be more social.

marraige life path number 8 has to understand the number 7 likes and their interests

The number 8 has to prioritize the relationship over their career, work and interests. This is a challenge for both parties, because the number eight can be too dominating. The number 7 has to learn to respect the importance of their career and don’t take too much time with their partner. The marriage will be a harmonious one if both partners are willing to make the sacrifices.

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When it comes to marriage, the life path number 8 has to understand the number seven likes and interests. The number 7 is a very private and quiet person, who prefers solitude over socializing. The marriage between an 8 and a 7 has to be able to balance status and money. The two numbers have to be able to give to each other without hurting each other.

Marriage Compatibility – Life Paths 7 and 8

When choosing a life partner for your marriage, consider the life paths of the partners. These are not compatible with one another – they are opposites in some aspects – and will require a great deal of respect and understanding. If you are a 7 and your partner is an 8, make sure that your partner respects your interests and needs and gives you the freedom you need to live your own unique dream and achieve your goals.

The life paths of life paths 7 and 8 are not compatible. While the latter is a quiet intellectual, the former enjoys socializing and wants to be alone. If you’re planning a marriage with an eight, make sure that you’ve checked the compatibility of your partners before making the commitment. You should be able to live together without any problems! The best way to avoid conflict is to find out which of these two is the dominant personality.

The differences between life paths 7 and 8 are often quite obvious, but the two have some characteristics in common. While the 7 is an idealistic person, the latter is an over-controlling egoist. In short, the relationship between these two would be difficult to sustain. A marriage between a 7 and an eight is not likely to last, but a healthy and happy relationship is possible.

Life Path 7 And 8 – Deep Understanding of One Another’s Needs

On the Life Path 7 And 8, there is a strong need for balance and truth. If you want your life partner to be satisfied, you need to realize that the truth is not easily found. It will take some deep understanding of one another’s needs to make that happen. While you may find that you are attracted to each other, this may be due to your high standards and desire for perfection.

Life Path 7 And 8 it will take some deep understanding of one another needs

The seven and eight souls are very different and have to be respected as such. The sevens are deeply emotional and will need space to process and reflect. They will also need time apart from their partner to do their own thing. People with this life path like strong, mysterious, and ethical values. They should also be comfortable being independent, and will respect their partner’s rights to make decisions.

The relationship between the seven and eight requires a deep understanding of each other’s needs. While the eight life path needs to be independent and can pursue their own interests, the seven life path needs to be able to work with them. Despite their independent natures, 7s enjoy being able to be with someone who doesn’t share their personal values and beliefs. Hence, it will take some deep understanding of one another’s needs.

Life Path 8 – A Self-Starter Who Is Not Afraid to Work Crazy Hours Every Day

A Life path 8 is a self-starter who is not afraid to work crazy hours every day. This personality type is extremely focused on their goals and doesn’t have a problem working long, even crazy, days to achieve them. However, it is important for an individual with this personality type to make time for their family and devote a certain amount of attention to their partners. A person with this Numerology personality type is likely to be a hard-working individual who is not afraid to work long hours in order to fulfill their goals.

The person with this Life path is highly motivated and has no problem working long hours. They can be very ambitious and can easily multi-task, but they are more satisfied when they are focusing on a single project. They would like to be remembered by history as a great scientist or politician. The person with this personality type has the ability to be wise and generous. If you have an 8 in your life, you should try dating an individual with this energy level.

A person with this Life path loves to take on new challenges, and they enjoy challenges of any kind. They may like to work at night or during the weekend. They also enjoy quiet challenges like Sudoku and are very interested in new gadgets. In addition, an individual with this Life path doesn’t mind working crazy hours a day to meet the needs of others, especially their families.

People With Numerology 8 Are Laser Focused on Their Goals

Those with the number 8 in their horoscopes are often very focused on their career. This number represents people who are concerned with their status and money, but that does not necessarily mean they are obsessed with money or success. The number 8 can be extremely generous, and many become excellent fundraisers and humanitarians. But the number eight is also known for its high level of detachment from the material world, which makes it ideal for achieving mental goals. This means that people with this astrology sign are likely to have the same goal in mind.

Those with this astrological sign are highly focused on achieving their goals. They have the natural ability to lead, are extremely intellectual, and are always up for great achievements. This makes them ideal candidates for leadership positions. They have excellent people skills, and are very realistic and intelligent. However, they can also be overconfident, cold, and impersonal. As with any other astrology sign, people with this horoscope number should be cautious with their ambitions, and make sure they aren’t putting their hopes or desires into them.

A typical 8 personality is highly focused on reaching their goals. They can be very motivated, and their focus can help them reach these goals. They are efficient and focused. They can also be good people skills. They are also very realistic, intelligent, and ambitious. They are also very frank with others, but they can be cold when they feel a need to keep their heads down or make excuses.

Life Path 7

A person with life path 7 is often a very contemplative soul who has a high standard for themselves. They are often judgmental and may not get along with everyone. Instead, they prefer the company of free spirits and people who share their interests. Such lifestyles and gatherings are often hard for these people to adapt to. However, those who live on this path are the ones most likely to find love and happiness.

A person with life path 7 is deeply spiritual. Their minds are open to all kinds of ideas and are capable of deep thinking. While they may get caught up in rational thinking, these individuals are sensitive to subtle energies and can discern them. This makes it difficult for them to engage in social gatherings and lifestyles that are unsuited to their needs. They need their time alone, so they can focus on a task without interruptions.

Individuals with life path 7 are very curious and enjoy reading about philosophy and the meaning of life. They are also likely to take part in intellectual pursuits, attend cultural gatherings, and engage in lengthy debates on the meaning of their lives. For this reason, they need a vocation that lets them put their brilliant minds to work and use them for good. Such people may be writers or investigators, or they may be spiritual leaders. Although they may not seek fame, a life path 7 individual will not seek a job that requires such activity.

The Life Path 7 person loves to contemplate life, read, or research. They crave the truth, whether it’s mystical, surprising, or hard to quantify. The seven personality type possesses great intellectual power, but is prone to being irritable in social settings. They can be a demanding, especially when they are feeling ill, but their mind and intellect are unrivaled by other personalities.

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People with Life Path 7s are often introverted, preferring to spend quiet time by themselves. They enjoy solitude, preferring to walk behind a group and not engage in conversation. They can use this time to reflect on important matters. However, they can also feel isolated or lonely if they are constantly alone. As a result, they need to balance their need for alone time with the need for social connection.

The seven personality type has a keen sense of intuition and a love of esotericism. They are often very quiet, but when they do become social, they can easily blend in. Having an open mind can be a blessing for both people. They can even make great friends by sharing their discoveries with others. A 7’s ability to listen and understand others makes it perfect for their work.

Life Path Number 7 – A Quiet Intellectual

The 7 life path is like the Tin Man, emotionally immobile, and often content to roll ideas around in their minds. They are also the most mysterious of all the life paths, which makes them the perfect candidates for a career in the arts. They tend to perceive others as aloof, insular, and private, while their own perfection is their guiding light. These are the qualities that make the 7 a great intellectual.

As the seventh life path, this person is deeply introspective and analytical. This is one of the traits of the seven life path. They rarely accept anything at face value, and are always digging deeper for the truth. Typically, they prefer to spend a lot of time thinking about everything they encounter, analyzing their ideas, and acting on them once they’ve gained a thorough understanding of them. A quiet intellectual, these people are often very quiet and mysterious.

The seven life path represents the intellectual mind. People with this life path are always thinking, and they are very good at solving puzzles. They have a strong sense of logic, and they are extremely intelligent. They also have a wonderful sense of humor. Their deep knowledge is what makes them such an appealing individual. They are also highly sensitive and need someone to understand their emotional and psychological needs. It is important to remember that these people are the most self-destructive, but they are worth the effort.

Those With the Number 8 As Their Life Path Know That It Takes Good Mental and Physical Strength

People born under the number eight are usually self-confident and materially successful. They often seek success by obtaining power and status. They also have a tendency to take advice very harshly, and can hurt others’ feelings. The important thing for an 8 is to be open-minded and willing to accept new advice. A free numerology reading can help an individual make a better decision about their career and personal life.

Those with the number eight as their life path know that they must put a great deal of care into their relationship with their number 7 partner. These individuals value alone time and are not prone to giving their partners the attention they need. However, because people with this Numerology sign often put their lives on hold to achieve their goals, they must set aside time for family. These people may work non-stop to support their loved ones, but they will not neglect them.

People with the number eight as their life path are also open-minded and flexible. They have a natural instinct to seek material wealth, and must monitor their intentions carefully. They should strive to acquire power, but must also use it for the good of others. In order to achieve power, they must learn to share their wealth with others. They need to understand that money is neither good nor bad. According to spiritual principles, the more you share, the more you get.

Life Path Number 7 – Wealthy With Knowledge Or Rich With Money

Those with a Life Path Number 7 are usually leaders. They are highly sensitive and love the company of others. They have a keen sense of understanding and seek to build a powerful foundation. However, they may end up using their wealth and position to make a wrong decision or for personal gain. They may also become overconfident, unjust, or immoral, so they need to develop their morals to be able to handle failure.

life path 7 They would much rather be wealthy with knowledge than the rich with cash

The people with Life Path Number Seven are highly analytical and independent. They enjoy a quiet, intellectual lifestyle. They would rather be rich with knowledge than rich with money. They would prefer a quiet life. They do not enjoy the limelight. Their lifestyle is usually devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. While they enjoy a full social life, they are content with staying at home.

The wealth of a person with a Life Path Seven is not measured in dollars. It comes from relationships. Studies show that people with more friends have happier lives than those with fewer friends. In addition, those with a life path 8 are likely to have more loving relationships than people with a life path 7. In addition, the wealth a person accumulates through relationships is worth more than just money.

Life Path 7 Brainy

People who follow life path seven are highly motivated and intellectual, but they are not particularly interested in social situations. They prefer quiet life, preferring to stay at home. They may engage in social activities, but their true nature lies in their insatiable thirst for truth. Truth is mysterious and hard to quantify. A person who follows this path is a very private individual. They may also become prone to excessive alcohol consumption and drug use.

A person following life path 7 has deep thoughts and needs solitude to recharge. They thrive alone, and need to find time for alone time. This type of person will excel at work in a vacuum. However, if they are surrounded by others, they should be aware of their own limitations and seek to help them. A person with a life path seven must have empathy for others in order to be successful.

The life path 7 person enjoys sharing the knowledge they have gained. They are most fulfilled when they can inspire other people to think deeply about an issue. While they may be deeply religious, they will often not pursue material wealth. This is because they want to focus on the spiritual, not on the worldly. Instead, they will focus on their own self-actualization, while avoiding a plethora of material things.

Life Path 8 Manifesting

The number 8 is an energy that loves to accumulate material goods and the big house. They have the Midas touch, which means they have a magnetism that draws wealth. However, despite their high-powered magnetism, they have a deep need for spiritual and emotional fulfillment. They are not meant to pursue wealth solely for personal gain, but to help others in need. Manifesting in this lifetime requires the use of loving intent, which can be achieved through purpose-driven interests.

Life path 8 cares a lot about material goods and desires wealth the big house hill

If this is your Life Path, you’re likely to focus a lot on material goods and wealth. It’s a good thing you’re into material things, but you must remember that the money won’t make you happy. You have to learn to live without the money and use your money for good. While the big house may be a dream come true, don’t use it for selfish or unworthy purposes. A large sum of cash can lead to overconfidence, arrogance, and even violence.

The life path 8 is highly materialistic. It’s important to have an abundance of money and status, and an extravagant house to celebrate. This is a lifetime of investment in your self. Investing in yourself will lead to financial success. It’s also important to make friends and love your spouse. You’re both very happy creatures, but don’t be overly flamboyant when it comes to showing affection. The eight is honest and direct, but you may have to tone it down to make friends and enjoy success.

Life Path 7 And 8 – The Priorities of These Two Life Paths Are Different

People with a seven-pointed star have a unique set of characteristics. They are prone to workaholism and are highly analytical. They also tend to be very practical and grounded. They are often very social and seek success in the material world. They are extremely loyal, and are a great worker. However, these people must also navigate the extremes of their emotions.

The priorities of people born under Life Path number seven and eight are quite different. The former values material goods and wants to acquire status and power, while the latter values deep knowledge and introspection. While the former values knowledge over cash, the latter places a premium on leadership and business. Thus, they should be able to separate their responsibilities and pursue their passions in a non-competitive manner.

The priorities of life path number 7 and eight are different. The former values intellectual pursuits, while the latter values intellectual and emotional curiosity. In addition, the latter seeks to gain a higher status through leadership and business. While a match with a 7 is good for both partners, the former can be frustrated with the other’s tendency to drop projects. Those who choose to align their lives with their soul-mate’s will often be the better business partners.

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