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What Life Path Was Jesus
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Using the Greek Ionic Ciphered Numeric System, It Has Been Proven That Jesus Number is 888

Using the Greek Ionic Cipheered Numeral System, it has been proven that the number of Jesus is 888. The value of each letter in the Greek alphabet is assigned a numerical value. So, the Greek name of Jesus is written as iota, eta, sigma, upsilon, and delta. The resulting numerical value is 888.

Using the Greek Ionic Ciphered Numeral System proven that Jesus number is 888

The Greek Ionic Ciphered Numeration System is the basis for this research. Using the Ionic Numeral System, the Greek alphabet is sorted according to its numerical value. The name of Jesus is iota, eta, sigma, and omicron. The first letter is a tetrad and the second one is ogdoad. The third letter of Jesus’ name is decad.

The Greek Ionic Ciphered Numeration System also proves that the number of Jesus is 888. The name of Jesus in Greek is iota, eta, sigma, and delta. When these two numbers are added together, they form an ogdoad. When multiplied by 10, it forms a Decad.

Whether or not this is a proof of the existence of the Son of God or of the Light of the World is unclear. But, if it is, then we should take it seriously. Using the Greek Ionic Cipheered Numeral System can help us understand the biblical text in new ways. The numbers used in this system are symbols of the many aspects of the Christian faith.


The first use of gematria is to calculate the Hebrew name for God. This practice is known as tetragrammaton, which is a combination of four letters. Although the original focus of gematria was on the Hebrew name, it is now used for a wide range of other purposes. The process has been used for thousands of years.

Gematria is the practice of assigning numbers to letters to reveal deeper meanings

The practice of gematria has been around for many centuries. The ancient Greeks and Kabbalists used this method to translate texts. This ancient technique, often referred to as GEMATRIA, was the quintessential science in ancient holy books. The Hebrews, Greeks, and Kabbalists all made use of it. In fact, the term “read between the lines” originated in the gematria art.

During the ancient time period, people used gematria to interpret the Bible. The Hebrew word chai, which means life, has a numerical value of 18. This has now become a lucky number for many Jews. The study of biblical numerology involves decoding numbers to reveal their symbolic meaning. In the Torah, for example, the word chai has the numerical value of eighteen.

Christian Numerology – The Number 888 Represents Jesus

The numerical value of the name Jesus in Christian numerology is 888. The number 888 is a symbol of eternity, love, and victory over evil. In the OT, the number 777 is used to symbolize physical life on earth, while 88 is used to represent eternal life in the spiritual realm. Therefore, the NT version of Jesus stands above the OT version, while 777 represents the perfection of the physical creation.

In Christian numerology the number 888 represents Jesus

Numerology has long been applied to the Bible. Many people are aware that the anti-Christ’s number is 666. While Jesus is not explicitly stated in the Bible, it can be discovered through the science of numerology. In Christian numerology, the number 888 represents Jesus. The letter values of Jesus’ name are used to justify the representation of the lord. The octave also means new beginnings.

The octave of Jesus is 88. It is also called the number of heavenly light. It has great significance in biblical numerology. Moreover, it is the only name under heaven given to a man. This means that we must call on this name to be saved. Ancient Greeks believed that the letter 888 is related to the origin of the number 6. The word ‘Abraham’ is derived from the word ‘abraham’, which is a direct result of the sum of the letter ‘Abraham’.

What is the Number of the Beast?

Many people are baffled by the question of the number 666, which is mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The Bible tells us that the beast, which represents the unregenerate humanity, will rise from the earth and rule the world for the millennial age. But, what does this number mean? It represents the omnipotence of the beast, which has a dominion over the entire earth.

This number is found in the Holy Bible Revelation 1318 But what is the number of Jesus

The image of the beast can speak and cause the death of those who don’t worship it. It is important to know the number of the beast before reading it. The Bible says that it will be 666. This number is also known as the khist or the heavenly number of Wisdom. But what is the number of the beast? How can we find this out?

The answer to this question is found in the Holy Bible Revelation 13 by John. It is the number of the beast that will be the Antichrist. This number has multiple meanings, and is a figurative representation of man. The word ‘Ant’ is the first of many meanings of a ’66’, and it is the most common.


The Antichrist and the Number 666

The number 666 is associated with the mark of the beast and the Antichrist. The Bible uses the term “Antichrist” to describe one who opposes Christ and the church. It was named for Nero Caesar, the Roman emperor from 54-68AD. In modern times, the number 666 is associated with the Catholic church, Freemasons, and the Knights of Templar. In the US, conservatives and liberals have speculated that former President Obama may be the Antichrist.

Many people are aware that the number of the beast or the anti Christ is 666

The number 666 has a number of meanings. It could refer to a group of Antichrist figures or a collective of humans. In both cases, it’s a number of individuals. The word man is generic and can refer to any human being. Some think the number is a typographical error and misinterpretations of the Greek language. Nevertheless, it is the number 666 that many Christians believe is the anti-Christ.

The number 6 signifies sinful incompleteness, while seven denotes a thoroughgoing evil nature. Whether the Beast is the AntiChrist or a group of Antichrist figures, the number 6 is a recurring theme in the Bible. As a symbol of the end of time, it embodies a universal reign of oppression and persecution. As such, it’s crucial to be vigilant and ready to resist the Antichrist and stand up for the truth.

The Numerology of the Name of Jesus Christ

The Numerology of the Name of Jesus Christ has many implications. First, the name “Jesus” means salvation from God. The numerical value is 888, which represents perfection, eternity, and victory over evil. Additionally, the number six carries a lot of spiritual significance. It represents man. It is interesting to note that the date of Jesus’ birth is more difficult to understand. However, the date of birth is more important because it indicates the number of Christ’s birth.

The Numerology of the Name of Jesus Christ

The numerical value of Jesus Christ is 2368, which is one of the most significant numbers in the Bible. The letter ‘8’ plays a special role in the number, while the letters 792 and 3268 play a major role. Furthermore, two-six is the biblical numeral value of John chapter one, which describes the incarnation of the Word of God. In Hebrew, this number is 64, which is the ordinal and numerical value of the people of Israel. The Greek word ‘Lord’ occurs seventy-two times in the NT. It has a numeric value of 800.

The full name of Jesus translates to 888 in Greek. In Hebrew, the number 888 is 3168. It symbolizes life on earth as well as life in the spiritual realm. In addition, the NT version of Jesus is positioned above the OT. This number reflects his role as a mediator between man and God. As a shepherd, Jesus has the power to save us and makes all of our sins forgiven.

The Meaning of Passover – Exodus 148

The story of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt is the inspiration for many Passover traditions. The Last Supper is one of the most famous. It is not uncommon for a family to have a “Lettuce Party” as a part of their holiday celebration. But before you start observing these rituals, it is helpful to understand the meaning behind this special day. Let’s take a closer look.

The Exodus story is one of the most popular stories of the holiday. It is celebrated in a series of customs to remember the Jews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. The last Passover meal is the Last Supper. Many Easter traditions have their roots in Passover. However, the traditions have changed over the years. Whether you’re observing it today or are just looking for an explanation, this holiday is one of the most meaningful events of the year.

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The first Passover celebration took place around the seventh century B.C., when Jeroboam instituted the religion for the ten tribes of Israel. This festival is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the first month. The feast of Unleavened Bread is celebrated on the 15th. As with other religious traditions, it focuses more on natural family units, rather than on pilgrimage. It’s also a time to recognize the oppression of many people today.

Angel Number 1480 – Jesus Calling People to Conversion

Angel number 1480 is one of the most common numbers in the universe. Its message is to encourage people to be more positive and give thanks for what they have. It also reminds them that everything will be fine in the end. This number will encourage people to have a good attitude and be grateful for their blessings. It will also remind you to stop chasing perfection because that can lead to a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

Jesus is calling people to conversion. Fundamental conversion is a necessary part of the kingdom proclamation, and the first place to make this conversion is in baptism. Upon receiving the gift of salvation, people are called to turn from evil and embrace a new life. This transformation occurs through faith in the Gospel. They are also baptized to acknowledge their sins and ask forgiveness for them. Then they can continue their spiritual journey by receiving indulgences.

The call to conversion is part of the proclamation of the kingdom and is addressed first to those who do not know Christ. The first fundamental conversion occurs at baptism, where faith in the Gospel and baptism is received. It involves the renunciation of evil, forgiveness of sins, and the beginning of a new life. After baptism, a person can receive a remittance. In the process of completing this, a person is called to repentance.

The Number 148 is the Son of God

The number 148 is significant in gematria. The Hebrew word psH has the numerical value of 147. Jesus was crucified on Passover. The word psH is also related to the numerical value of Khristos (Christ), which is 1480. The year of Christ’s painting is a numerical anagram of the number 148. Theophanes, the master teacher of Andre Rublev, is the person who painted Christ.

number 148 Son of God

The number 148 is found throughout the Bible and rabbinic texts. It often means victory and the right path. It also means that you will have many ideas for your ultimate destiny. You will be able to find inspiration anywhere you look, as long as you have faith. This will lead to success. The message of the 148 is to believe in yourself and follow your instincts. So, whatever your goals are, you’ll find it within you.

The 148 in your life is a message from divine forces. It says that now is the right time to take action and begin a journey. It indicates that you’ll need faith to support any changes that are coming your way. It encourages you to act, and you should pray to have the courage to trust that the change is happening for the best. And, most of all, the 148 will help you believe in yourself.

The Number 1480 Christ – A Powerful Representation of the Divine

The figure 1480 is often associated with the figure of Christ. It’s a powerful representation of the divine, and the angels of the divine realm want us to use this number to build solid foundations for the future. The divine will take care of the details, and you’ll have a beautiful, radiant future! If you’ve been seeing the number for a while, don’t be afraid to let the Divine do what it does best, and don’t let the little things stand in the way of your dreams.

number 1480 Christ

The word “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos, which is a translation of the Hebrew word Messiah, which means “the Anointed One.” The Hebrew term originally applied only to kings and high priests, and never implied that a person was divine. Regardless of what a person’s identity was, they were still considered a sacrament. This is why the number 1480 Christ is so popular today.

The number 1480 Christ is often associated with the Virgin Mary. In this case, the Angel is the Mother of God, and she is the personification of the Virgin Mary. The image of Mary and the apostles is a common representation of this event. In this example, we see Christ being baptized by the River Jordan. In this version of the story, the angel holds Christ’s clothes while he is covered in clouds.

The Significance of the New Testament

The Gospels of the New Testament emphasize the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Matthew and Mark focus on the suffering of Jesus in Gethsemane. Luke and John focus on the Resurrection. These events are central to the redemption plan of God and the inspired Gospel writers show the importance of these events during Jesus’ mortal ministry. In John’s account, these events are recorded for the believers who live by faith in his name.

Christians in the early fourth century were put in a very precarious position. Refusing to obey emperors’ orders would expose them as enemies of civil government and would be viewed as disloyal to God. As such, portions of the New Testament are addressed specifically to them and provide guidance on the right course of action. In addition, the New Testament provides a great deal of information about the history of the Church.

The biblical text emphasizes the reality of the resurrection. This is the most significant element of the Christian faith, since the resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of Christianity. The Easter experience was one of the most significant in building a community of believers. This faith was expressed in their testimony that Christ had risen from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus created a powerful sense of certainty in the early community, which was expressed in the Easter story.

The Significance of Jesus and Numerology

While some have wondered how Jesus’ birth dates could influence the meaning of his numbers, others have speculated that they may not. In the Bible, the number 148 was related to the father of Terah, who lived to be 148 years old. In fact, the number 148 only appears three times in the Bible. It also corresponds to the land given to the Israelite tribe of Naphtali, which encompassed the western portion of the Sea of Galilee.

In the New Testament, the number 148 can indicate money. This can indicate lack of cash flow. In the Old Testament, however, the number 148 may be an indicator of a successful business venture. In addition, it may mean financial success or lack of cash flow. When it appears in dreams or as a heavenly sign, it means the universe has answered your prayers.

The Bible contains many unique and repeated numbers, including 147, 148, and 153. For example, in the New Testament, the number 153 occurs when Jesus returns to visit his disciples. He tells Peter to cast his net into the water and pull it ashore. The resulting bulging net contains 153 fish, which is significant to the study of Jesus and numerology.

Gematria Greek Names – Immanual

The name Immanual is a perfect combination of three and eight. The number three represents perfection in the Godhead and the number eight is the symbol for salvation. Using the gematria Greek system, the name Immanual also adds up in value. The first letter in the word Emmanuel is ikkar, while the final letter is shd”y. This gives the word Emmanuel a numerical value of 25600. The last two letters of the word are shabdy, and they are a multiple of five.

If you use the Gematria Greek system the name Immanual also adds up to exactly 888

Using the Gematria Greek system, the name Immanual also adds up in value to exactly 111. The first letter in the name, ‘Immanual’, adds up to a numerical value of 30. The next letter is ta’, and so on. This means that the name Immanual also sums up to exactly 110.

When you use the Gematria Greek system, the name Immanual also adds up in value to exactly 111. The second letter, ‘M,’ has a numerical value of 109, which also happens to be the number of the sun. This is the most common combination of the two. It’s important to remember this principle when using the Gematria Greek system to find the name of a person.

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Isaiah’s Message to the World

Isaiah’s prophecy of the Messiah was fulfilled in the first century, when the Assyrians were taking people into captivity. A premonition from God in Isaiah 7:14 gave the people of God hope. This child was named the “Wonderful Counselor” by Isaiah, and the word “Immanuel” refers to the risen Christ.

Jesus Nearly 800 years previous to his birth the prophet Isaiah message from God

Although Isaiah lived more than 800 years before Jesus, his words were still read in the synagogues. Isaiah’s words were heard more often than any other prophet during Jesus’ time. In fact, Jesus’ ministry begins with a passage from Isaiah, which is relevant to his ministry. A prophet can’t help but speak from God’s perspective, so he must be an inspired writer!

In the Prophet Isaiah, a new king is predicted. The future king will be a “Wonderful Counselor” and “Prince of Peace.” His name, Jesus, may be a reference to his father, Amos. This king will be a great savior, and Isaiah’s message will help the entire world.

Isaiah’s prophecy was fulfilled centuries before Jesus was born. As the Jewish people had divided themselves into two nations, the northern one was Israel, and the southern one, Judah, was the southern nation. Each had a king, and each was constantly in conflict with each other. Isaiah reassured King Ahaz that the Assyrians would fall, and the Messiah would be born before Judah’s rivals would know right from wrong, and that his people would have a restored nation.

The Number 8 is Significant on Its Own When It Comes to Jesus

The number 8 has many significances when it comes to Jesus. It is the first number to be mentioned in the Bible, and is found in many different places. In the Book of Revelation, the book contains 888 words. In the Gospels, the number eight is also used to refer to the disciples. In the Old Testament, Jesus is called the Son of Man, and his name in Greek means “son of man.”

The number 8 also carries several other meanings in the Bible. It represents new beginnings and new creation. This number was chosen as the Passover lamb by God. His death took place on the eighth day, Nisan 14, which means Wednesday, April 5 in 30 A.D. After his death, he was buried on Nisan 17 – a day that symbolized victory.

The number 8 is significant on its own when it comes to Jesus. It is important to remember that the crucifixion of Jesus on Nisan 17 carries the significance of a new creation. This day marks the beginning of the new order in the world. The eight represents the rebirth of Christ, a time when man is truly born again. The Bible also states that the resurrection of Jesus took place on Nisan 17 – the eighth day of his life.

888 Greek For Jesus – The Four Most Significant Numbers in Numerology

Among the four most significant numbers in numerology, Jesus is represented by 888. Its name stands above all others because it represents eternity, love, victory, and peace. Moreover, it is one of the most sacred numbers in the Bible. In the Shema prayer, Jesus was given the name Elijah, which means “God is one.” Thus, if Jesus’ number is 888, then the heavenly spheres will declare His glory forever.

Numerology has revealed that Jesus’ name contains a symbolic meaning: the numerical value of 888 is a new beginning. It also has the meaning of eternal life. The Hebrew and Greek versions of the Bible use the number eight for new beginnings, which means that Jesus is the offspring of David and the root of Jesse. This explains the symbolic value of 888 in biblical numerology.

Numerology has proven that the NT contains many symbolic meanings, which makes 888 an especially important number for Christians. The NT includes numerous references to the coming Messiah, and the OT contains several other symbols that point to Jesus’ divine nature. The Greek word “Lord” occurs seven times in the NT, and it has the numerical value of 888. This is why he is considered the incarnation of the Word of God.

In the Zahra Style the Hebrew Systems of Numerology Adds Up to 792 Name

In the Zahra style the Hebrew systems of numerology adds up to 792 name. The Arabic alphabet uses different numbers for letters and tens are used for thousands. In the Jewish system, the ordinal number must agree with the noun it represents. The letters are arranged in ascending order. For example, the letter P is feminine while the letter K is masculine.

In the Hebrew system of numerology it adds to 792 name, which is a 777 in Zahra style. In the Hebrew style, the first letter is omitted. That is, the Aleph becomes a number 30+80+80=790. Then, the rest of the letters are omitted. As a result, the number 792 adds up to a seven-digit name.

The Hebrew alphabet also has subtle numerical references. The Bible tells us that the Angel Gabriel told Mary to name her baby Jesus. This incident is recorded in Luke 1:30-33. The name Jesus means “Savior of the Nations”. The word Joshua is another one. The Jewish people are known for their sensitivity to numerology, and many people use it as a tool to understand their names.

The Full Title of Jesus Which is Lord Jesus Christ Number 3168 Using the Latin Alphabet

The Greek and Hebrew languages were both used in the Holy Bible. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew while the New Testament is written in Greek. Each has its own unique numeric value and therefore, the name of Jesus in both languages has an equal numeric value. This fact is not surprising. The full title of Jesus which is Lord, Jesus Christ number 3168 using the Latin alphabet is actually more significant than the name in any other language.

“Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ” is also a creed of the Christian religion. It is the name of the Philippines and Sierra Leonean church. Kanye West has even written songs based on the title of the credo. In addition, the sign identifying a church that has been in use for over 20 years in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, is a reminder to us that Jesus is Lord.

The full title of Jesus which is Lord Jesus is three-hundred eighty-eight in the Greek. The jota and eta in the name of Jesus have numerological values of 888. The sigma’s of two letters in the name of Jesus are 200 and seventy-eight, while omicron is seventy and upsilon is four hundred and sixty.

The Number 888 – A Symmetrical Number That Can Be Reflected in Both Directions

Among the most famous numbers, 888 is a symmetrical one, which means it can be mirrored in two directions. It is also a reversible number, meaning the same thing can be reflected in the opposite direction. It is used in numerology to represent the presence of Jesus Christ, the originator of the Christian religion. This is because the number reflects Jesus’ personality.

The reversibility of the number makes it even more powerful. Depending on its reversibility, 888 can represent money or time. People without sufficient money can develop a scarcity mindset while those with excess money might get careless and cocky. As a result, 888 can be a temptation to reorient to one’s core values.

The Number 888 is a symbol for perfect balance, harmony, and the results of creativity in the physical world. This symmetrical number can be reflected in both directions and can be mirrored in two directions. In fact, it is an inversion of an enfolding spiral, which symbolizes an infinite loop. The reversibility of 888 allows it to be mirrored in many directions, including in a mirrored image.

If you dream of a reversible angel, the first one you see is an angel. The number 888 is a composite number and can be seen on countless places. It is also a symmetrical number meaning it can appear inverted. This allows the symbol to be reflected in multiple ways, such as in reversed or upside down.

God Is Revealed by His Holy Trinity

The Bible clearly identifies God as three distinct persons – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Deuteronomy 6:4 makes this point, while John 10:30 and 33 point out that the Father and the Son are one. First Corinthians 3:16 also demonstrates that the Father and the Spirit are one. In the Bible, the Trinity is revealed as a single divine person, with one essence.

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The Word describes God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It explains how creation took place and how God’s presence is manifested in everything. The Father created everything, including people. The Holy Spirit is the source of life and spirituality. All things were created by God. Paul teaches that Jesus Christ is the Word, through whom all things were created.

The Biblical account of the Trinity distinguishes between the Father and the Son. Genesis 3:12 addresses God as the Father, while PS. 110:1 refers to God as the Son. The three distinct Persons are the Word, the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the incarnation of the Father and the Son. It is the incarnation of Christ, whose name we call Jesus.

At A Glance 8 Looks Like Upright Infinity Sign

At a glance, the number eight looks like an upright infinity sign. Its meaning is the same as the word infinity, which means “eternal” in Greek. It is a symbol of infinite value, but it does not have this exact definition. The number eight has many meanings, and the meanings of the letters of the number vary greatly from culture to culture.

The number eight is also associated with wealth and power, although it takes discipline to harness these energies. As an infinity symbol, it holds deep meaning across cultures. Its design derives from a lemniscate, a figure that represents an upright infinity. The original symbol was presented by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655. While many of its meanings have since been derived from the mathematical concept of “infinity”, the number eight is closely related to the Roman numeral cI1, which was often shorthand for a large number of concepts.

In astrology, the number eight has great significance. It is a sign of new beginnings, and it is related to the biblical narrative of Jesus. David was the eighth son of Jesse. Jesus is the offspring of David. Its meaning is akin to that of an infinity sign. The number eight is an ancient Hebrew and Christian symbol for eternity. In the Bible, the number eight is used to denote the beginnings of new beginnings.

The Church

The Church is the visible manifestation of the salvific Kingdom of God, the firstfruits of Jesus Christ’s ministry. The Church is the firstfruits of salvation, the seed of the salvific kingdom, and the only visible manifestation of divine spiritual reality. It is the universal sacrament of salvation, the instrument of reconciliation between humankind and God, and the unifying force of all humanity.

On the 8th day of the universes creation God said let the Church begin and it began

Throughout the Sacred Scripture, images of the Church are found. The Old Testament tends to favor the image of the people of God, while the New Testament tends to focus on Christ as the Head of those people. Agricultural, pastoral, and family images are commonplace, and many of these images are based on life and love in the human family. The church is the body of believers.

The Church is God’s people gathered in a common place. Christ is the Head of the Church and communicates his grace and spirit through the sacraments. The Church is the assembly of believers called by God from all nations to follow Christ. It is also the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Bible refers to the Church in various ways. The term “Church” has several meanings and is used interchangeably with the terms “God’s people”.

Jesus is the Root and Offspring of David

The father of King God, Jesse, was a tree that was cut down from the forest. In the book of Isaiah, the root of Jesse represents the future king. The “shoot” from the stump of Jesse means the remnant of the family. The Lord promised to retain the remnant to continue His work and the bloodline of King, David.

David was the eighth son of Jesse Jesus is the Root and Offspring of David

Jesus is the Root and Offspring of David, who came from the line of Jesse. In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is described as the “Root and Offspring of Israel” (Revelation 5:8). In other words, Jesus was a descendant of David and would become a blessing to mankind. While the descendants of this lineage did not rule any nation, they would eventually rule the world and bring blessing to humankind.

First Samuel 16 records that Jesse had seven sons and that he had hoped that God would anoint one of them as the next king of Israel. However, Samuel informed Jesse that he was looking for another child, which was David. In 1 Chronicles 2:13-15, David is the “seventh son of Jesse.” Although some scholars disagree with this interpretation, it does not mean that Jesus is the eighth son of his father.

The Number 8 in the Bible is a Number of New Beginnings

The number eight is associated with new beginnings and resurrection. The number is found frequently in the Bible, where it is found both in the Old and New Testaments. This article will show you how this number was used throughout the scriptures. This number is often associated with spiritual growth and development. It is also associated with the first and last days of a week. This article will show you how this number can be used to make new beginnings in our lives.

In the Bible the number 8 is a number of new beginnings

In the Bible, the number 8 represents a new beginning. Jesus was crucified on the eighth day, a symbol of the new creation and order that was to follow. In the story of Abraham, the number eight represented his covenant with God. He then commanded that every male be circumcised on the eighth day of his life. This is an important symbol of a new covenant with God, since the Hebrew name is also the eighth.

In the Bible, the number 8 has a special meaning. In the Pentateuch, God established a covenant with Abraham eight times, marking the start of the Jewish nation. The disciple Peter was the eighth son of Jesse, which is significant as the eighth son of David. In the New Testament, eight is a symbol of a new creation. In the book of John, the word “JESUS” means “God is my God.”

The Number 888 Has a Significance in Biblical Numerology

The number 888 has a significant role in biblical numerology, even though the Bible never uses it directly. It is a symbol of new beginnings, which is why the number 8 is so meaningful to Christians. David was the eighth son of Jesse and Jesus is the root and offspring of David. While the Bible never uses 877 directly, it still has a great significance in biblical numerology.

The number 888 is a triad, which manifests the underlying meaning of a number. For example, the Greek alphabet contains 888 letters. Likewise, the Bible contains many references to the number 888. In the Book of Revelation, the letters of Jesus’ name have a value of 88. The triad of 888 is an expression of the root meanings of these numbers.

In the Old Testament, Jesus’ name was given to the Son. In addition, the number 888 is the number of the Anti-Christ and the beast. The triad of numbers reveals the deeper meaning of the numbers. The numbers 111 and 777 are used to represent angels. But the number 88 represents the Messiah, and the triad of numbers shows the power of Jesus in the heavenly realm.

The Greek Numerical System For the Name of Jesus

The Greek Ionic Ciphered Numeral System assigns a numerical value to each letter of the alphabet, including the name of Jesus. The name translates as “Jesus the Christ” and is pronounced “Jesus”. It is a meaningful and unique name, representing eternity, love, salvation, victory, peace, and harmony through all time. It also contains many symbolisms, and the number one is considered to be the most important.

The Greek numeral system assigns a numerical value to each letter of the Greek alphabet, including the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus in Greek is written ‘I H S O U S.’ The letters ‘Iota’, ‘Eta’, and ‘U’ have similar numerical values. The word ‘Yoda’, for instance, has a numerical value of 358, while ‘Yoda’ has a numerical value of 801.

The numerical letter of Jesus in Greek is 2368, and the Hebrew word ‘Yoshua’ has the same value. The Greek name for Jesus means “Yahweh is salvation,” and the numerical value of Yahweh is 888. This number represents perfection, eternity, and victory over evil. The word for Jesus is a combination of 6 letters, which symbolizes man.

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